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The 26th World Multi-Conference on
Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2022©
July 12 - 15, 2022  ~  Orlando, Florida, USA
*** The conference has been moved to a fully virtual conference (July 12-15, 2022). Read more here. ***

  Additional Reviewers

The following list of reviewers is for double-blind reviewing from which reviewers are selected at random for the review of each submission. The reviewers of this list ARE NOT for non-blind reviewing. Authors should not suggest any of the reviewers of this list as colleagues for the non-blind, non-anonymous, review of their articles, unless one of them is a colleague they know and the author contacted the reviewer BEFORE suggesting his/her name, as required for our two-tier reviewing methodology. A brief description of our two-tier reviewing methodology has been posted here.

Čulo, Ksenija (Croatia) University of Osijek
Țălu, Ștefan (Romania) The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Aavani, Amir (United States) Simon Fraser University
Abar, Celina (Brazil) Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo
Abariga, Samuel (United States) University of Maryland
Abas, Ahmad Fauzi (Malaysia) Universiti Putra Malaysia
Abawajy, Jemal (Australia) Deakin University
Abbas, Ghulam (Pakistan) Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute
Abbas, Haider (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Abbas-Turki, Abdeljalil (France) University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard
Abbou, Rosa (France) National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon
Abd Jelil, Radhia (Tunisia) Higher Institute of Fashion Professions of Monastir
Abdel Razek, Mohammed (Canada) University of Montreal
Abdelfattah, Riadh (Tunisia) Higher School of Communication of Tunis
Abdul, Hamed (Pakistan) University of Management and Technology
Abdul Khalil, H. P. S. (Malaysia) Science University of Malaysia
Abdul Rahman, Abdul Wahad (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Abdullah, Imran Ho (Malaysia) National University of Malaysia
Abeygunawardana, Rushan (Sri Lanka) University of Colombo
Abimbola, Soriyan (Nigeria) Obafemi Awolowo University
Ablassmeier, Markus (Germany) Munich University of Technology
Aboalsamh, Hatim (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Aboul-Ela, Magdy (Egypt) French University in Egypt
Abraham, Bejoy (India) College of Engineering Perumon
Abramov, Oleg (Russian Federation) Institute of Automation and Control Processes
Abreu, António (Portugal) Higher Education Polytechnic Institution of Engineering
Abril, Ana (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Abrukov, Victor (Russian Federation) Chuvash State University
Abu Bakar, Abu Hassan (Malaysia) Science University of Malaysia
Abu Bakar, Mohd Syuhaidi (Malaysia) Universiti Teknologi MARA
Abu Bakar, Rosli (Malaysia) Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Abualrub, Taher (United Arab Emirates) American University of Sharjah
Abuhejleh, Ahmad (United States) University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Abujar, Sheikh (Bangladesh) Daffodil International University
Abunaser, Mohammad (United States) Illinois Institute of Technology
Abusitta, Adel (United Arab Emirates) Ajman University of Science and Technology
Abusitta, Adel (United Arab Emirates) University of Jordan
Acan, Adnan (Turkey) Eastern Mediterranean University
Acharya, Sushil (United States) Robert Morris University
Acheroy, Marc (Belgium) Royal Military Academy
Achimas Cadariu, Andrei (Romania) Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Acma, Bulent (Turkey) Anadolu University
Acosta, Julio César (Argentina) Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales y Agrimensura - Universidad Nacional del Nordeste
Acosta Rodríguez, José Á. (Spain) University of Seville
Acosta Rodríguez, José Ángel (Spain) University of Seville
Adami, Andre (Brazil) University of Caxias do Sul
Adamkó, Attila (Hungary) University of Debrecen
Adascalitei, Adrian (Romania) "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iasi
Adel, Miah (United States) University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Affatato, Saverio (Italy) Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute
Affenzeller, Michael (Austria) Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences
Agarwal, Arun (India) Siksha 'O' Anusandhan (Deemed to be University)
Agarwal, Suneeta (India) Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology
Agba, Basile L. (Canada) Research Institute of Hydro-Quebec
Agba, Basile L. (Canada) University of Québec
Agler, Lin-Miao (United States) University of Southern Mississippi
Agrawal, Amit (United States) Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Agrawal, Anupam (India) Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
Agulhari, Cristiano Marcos (Brazil) State University of Campinas
Ahad, Ali (United States) University of Puerto Rico
Ahmad, Shahbaz (Pakistan) Istitute of Agricultural Sciences
Ahmad, Tanvir (India) Jamia Millia Islamia
Ahmed, Mohamed (Canada) National Research Council
Ahn, Hyung Jun (South Korea) Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Ahola, Sakari (Finland) University of Turku
Aileni, Raluca Maria (Romania) National Research & Development Institute for Textiles and Leather
Aiordachioaie, Dorel (Japan) Tokyo Institute of Technology
Aitouche, Abdel (France) Lille University
Akaichi, Jalel (Tunisia) University of Tunis
Akbari Moghanjoughi, Ayyoub (Malaysia) University Putra Malaysia
Akdeniz, Rafet (Turkey) Namik Kemal University
Akinyele, Daniel (New Zealand) Victoria University of Wellington
Akolkar, Rahul (United States) IBM Watson Research Center
Akoumianakis, Demosthenes (Greece) Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas
Aksoy, Mehmet S. (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Al Khatib, Ivad (Sweden) IIT Consulting
Al Obaidy, Mohaned (Oman) Gulf College
Al Salameh, M. S. (Jordan) Jordan University of Science and Technology
Alaa, Nour Eddine (Morocco) Cadi Ayyad University
Alafaireet, Patricia (United States) University of Missouri
Alarcon-Cot, Eduard (Spain) University Politecnica Catalunya
Alawar, Ahmad (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates University
Al-Badarneh, Amer (Jordan) Jordan University of Science and Technology
Alba-Flores, Rocio (United States) Georgia Southern University
Alba-Flores, Rocio (United States) University of Minnesota Duluth
Albayrak, Esra (Turkey) Galatasaray University
Albdaiwi, Bader (Kuwait) Kuwait University
Albu, Mihaela Marilena (Romania) Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Alcina, M. Amparo (Spain) Jaume I University
Aldana Segura, Waleska (Guatemala) University of San Carlos of Guatemala
Aldasht, Mohammed (Palestine) Palestine Polytechnic University
Alderink, Gordon (United States) Grand Valley State University
Aleksic-Maslac, Karmela (Croatia) Zagreb School of Economics and Management
Alexakos, Christos (Greece) University of Patras
Alexik, Mikulas (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Al-Failakawi, Ahmad (Kyrgyzstan) Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
Alfonso Galipienso, María Isabel (Spain) University of Alicante
Al-Hamami, Alaa Hussein (Jordan) Amman Arab University
Al-Hamouz, Sadeq (Jordan) The World Islamic Sciences and Education University
Alhayyan, Khalid N. (Saudi Arabia) Institute of Public Administration
Ali, Farha (United States) Lander University
Ali, Muayyadi (Indonesia) Telkom University
Ali Idriss, Edriss Ahmed (United Arab Emirates) Al Ghurair University
Aliabadi, Shahrouz (United States) Clark Atlanta University
Aliguliyev, Ramiz (Azerbaijan) Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Al-Jufout, Saleh A. (Jordan) Tafila Technical University
Al-kofahi, Idrees (Jordan) Yarmouk University
Allali, Mohamed (United States) Chapman University
Almachi, Blanca (Ecuador) National Institute of Statistics and Censuses
Almulla, Mohammed (Kuwait) Kuwait University
Alok, Abhay Kumar (India) Indian Institute of Technology
Alpbaz, Mustafa (Turkey) Ankara University
Al-Qutayri, Mahmoud (United Arab Emirates) Etisalat University College
Als, Adrian (Barbados) University of the West Indies
Al-Sabbagh, Ali (United States) Florida Institute of Technology
Alsamman, AbdulRahman (United States) University of New Orleans
Al-Shaer, Ehad (United States) DePaul University
Alsmadi, Izzat (Jordan) Yarmouk University
Altincay, Hakan (Turkey) Eastern Mediterranean University
Altun, Arif (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Álvarez, Maribel (Venezuela) Simon Bolivar University
Alves, José Carlos (Portugal) University of Porto
Al-Wabil, Areej (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Al-Zaidan, Ameena (Kuwait) Kuwait University
Amati, Giancarlo (Italy) University of Bologna
Ambroszkiewicz, Stanislaw (Poland) Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Amidpour, Majid (Iran) Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology
Amornyotin, Somchai (Thailand) Mahidol University
Amresh, Ashish (United States) Arizona State University
An, Shuhua (United States) California State University
Analide, Cesar (Portugal) University of Minho
Anantharaj, Valentine (United States) Mississippi State University
Anastassakis, George (Greece) University of Piraeus
Anderson, Jonathan (United States) Mitre Corporation
Andina, Diego (Spain) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Andrade Ramos, Ana Luisa (Portugal) University of Aveiro
Andreadis, Ioannis (Greece) Demokritos University of Thrace
Andreas, Ahrens (Germany) University of Rostock
Andreev, Rumen (Bulgaria) Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Andreopoulou, Zacharoula (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Angelelli, Lee A. (United States) IBM US Federal
Anguera, Jaume (Spain) Ramon Llull University
Anita, Mary (India) Anna University
Anoruo, Emmanuel (United States) Coppin Stste University
Anouze, Abdel Latef (Lebanon) American University of Beirut
Anton, Florin Daniel (Romania) University Politehnica of Bucharest
Anton, José M. (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Anunciação, Pedro (Portugal) Technical University of Madrid
Aoyama, Kouji (Japan) Fujitsu Laboratories Limited
Apduhan, Bernady O. (Japan) Kyushu Sangyo University
Apple, Martin (United States) Council of Scientific Society Presidents
Aragón Zavala, Alejandro (Mexico) Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
Arana Llanes, Julia Yazmín (Mexico) National Center for Research and Technological Development
Arasti, Zahra (Iran) University of Tehran
Araújo, Armando (Portugal) University of Porto
Araújo, Ricardo (Brazil) Federal University of Pernambuco
Arben, Merkoçi (Spain) Autonomous University of Barcelona
Arch-Int, Somjit (Thailand) Khon Kaen University
Ares Casal, Juan (Spain) University of a Coruña
Arias-montano, Alfredo (Mexico) IPN ESIME Unidad Ticoman
Arieli, Ofer (Israel) Academic College of Tel-Aviv
Arik, Sabri (Turkey) Istanbul University
Arinyo, Robert Joan (Spain) Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Ariton, Viorel (Romania) Danubius University
Armendáriz Iñigo, José Enrique (Spain) Public University of Navarre
Armitage, William D. (United States) University of South Florida
Arnellos, Argyris (Greece) University of the Aegean
Arreymbi, Johnnes (United Kingdom) University of East London
Arroyo, Fernando (Spain) Polytechnic University of Madrid
Arroyo-Figueroa, Gustavo (Mexico) Electric Research Institute
Aruga, Masahiro (Japan) Tokai University
Arunyawat, Uraiwan (Thailand) Kasetsart University
Asadi, Saeid (Australia) University of Queensland
Asemi, Asefeh (Hungary) Corvinus University of Budapest
Asgary, Ali (Canada) York University
Ash, George (United States) Franciscan University
Ashibani, Majdi (Libya) Higher Institute of Industry
Askari, Gholamreza (Iran) Isfahan University of Technology
Askey, Dale (Germany) College of Engineering, Business and Culture in Leipzig
Asproni, Giovanni (United Kingdom) European Bioinformatics Institute
Astakhov, Vadim (United States) University of California San Diego
Asterio de Castro Guerra, Paulo (Brazil) Campinas State University
Atan, Mohd Farid (Malaysia) Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Attachoo, Boonwat (Thailand) Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Attallah, Bilal (Algeria) M’sila University
Atygayeva, Zukhra (Kazakhstan) Kazakh Humanitarian Law University
Audestad, Jan Arild (Norway) Telenor Corporate University
Augusciuk, Elizabeth (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Aust, Ron (United States) University of Kansas
Aveledo, Marianella (Venezuela) Simon Bolivar University
Ávila-Godoy, Guadalupe (Mexico) University of Sonora
Awais, Muhammad (Pakistan) Lahore University of Management Sciences
Awasthi, Anjali (Canada) University of British Columbia
Awde, Ali (Canada) School of High Technology
Axelsson, Ann-Sofie (Sweden) Chalmers University of Technology
Aycard, Olivier (France) Joseph Fourier University
Aydogan, Hasan (Turkey) Selcuk University
Ayuga Téllez, Esperanza (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Aziz, Soulhi (Morocco) National School of Mineral Industry
Azmi Murad, Masrah Azrifah (Malaysia) Universiti Putra Malaysia
Aznar, Fidel (Spain) University of Alicante
Azuaje, Francisco (Ireland) Trinity College Dublín
Baba, Tatsuya (Japan) NTT Data Corporation
Babenko, Vitalina (Ukraine) Vasyl Nazarovych Karazin Kharkiv National University
Baccarne, Bastiaan (Belgium) Ghent University
Badii, Atta (United Kingdom) University of Reading
Bagheri, S. (Netherlands) Eindhoven University of Technology
Bagnoli, Franco (Italy) University of Florence
Bahadur, Promila (India) Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University
Baharuddin, Aris (Malaysia) Technological University of Malaysia
Bahieg, Hatem (Egypt) Ain Shams University
Bahrami, Mehdi (United States) University of California, Merced
Bai, Lugang (United States) University of Utah
Bai, Zhengyao (China) Yunnan University
Baik, Ran (South Korea) Honam University
Bakar, Ab Rahim (Malaysia) University Putra Malaysia
Bakmaz, Bojan (Serbia) University of Belgrade
Bakouros, Ioannis (Greece) University of Western Macedonia
Bal Tastan, Seçil (Turkey) Marmara University
Balakrishnan, N. (India) Indian Institute of Science
Balas, Valentina (Romania) Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad
Balasundaram, S. R. (India) National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli
Balasz, Blazej (Poland) Koszalin University of Technology
Balcikanli, Cem (Turkey) University of Florida
Balcioglu, Ahmet (United States) Vitesse Semiconductor Corp
Balicki, Jerzy (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Ballestero, Enrique (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Baltes, Guido (Germany) Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
Banerji, Sanjay (India) Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University
Bang, Jørgen (Denmark) University of Aarhus
Bani-Salameh, Hani (Jordan) The Hashemite University
Bansod, Nagsen (India) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
Bansod, Nagsen (India) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
Bao, Shujun (China) China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Barb, Adrian (United States) Penn State University
Barba, Leiner (Colombia) Popular University of Cesar
Barbera, Elena (Spain) Open University of Catalonia
Barbón, Arsenio (Spain) University of Oviedo
Bardine, Alessandro (Italy) University of Pisa
Barkalov, Alexander (Poland) University of Zielona Góra
Barkana, Atalay (Turkey) Anadolu University
Barkat Ullah, Abu S. S. M. (Australia) Australian Defence Force Academy
Barker, Andrew (United States) University of Colorado
Baro, Jesús A. (Spain) University of Valladolid
Barreiras, Alcinda (Portugal) Porto Superior Institute of Engineering
Barreiro, Joaquín (Spain) University of Leon
Barron, John (Canada) University of Western Ontario
Barrón Estrada, María Lucía (Mexico) Technological Institute of Culiacan
Bartolucci, Giancarlo (Italy) University of Roma
Barzilov, Alexander (United States) Western Kentucky University
Basaeri, Hamid (Iran) University of Tehran
Basagni, Stefano (United States) University of Texas at Dallas
Basin, Mikhail V. (Mexico) Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
Baskoy, Tuna (Canada) Ryerson University
Basoglu, A. Nuri (Turkey) Bogazici University
Bäßler, Ralph (Germany) BAM Federal Institute for Materials
Bathaee, S. Mohammad Taghi (Iran) Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology
Batovski, Dobri Atanassov (Thailand) Assumption University
Baturay, Meltem Huri (Turkey) Gazi University
Bauer, Claus (United States) Dolby Laboratories
Baughman, Aaron (United States) IBM Corporation
Bava, José Alberto (Argentina) National University of La Plata
Bay Karabulut, Aysun (Turkey) Inonu Universty
Bayraktar, Emin (France) Institut Supérieur de Mécanique de Paris
Bayraktar, Seyfettin (Turkey) Yildiz Technical University
Bayram, Servet (Turkey) Marmara University
Baysal, Ugur (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Baysan, Serdar (Turkey) Istanbul Technical University
Beel, Jöran (Germany) Otto von Guericke University
Beer, Martin (United Kingdom) Sheffield Hallam University
Beg, Azam (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates University
Behar, Patricia Alejandra (Brazil) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Behera, Dhiren Kumar (India) Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology
Behera, Pradeep (United States) University of the District of Columbia
Beheshti, Mohsen (United States) University of Houston-Downtown
Behmard, Hamid (United States) Western Oregon University
Behnam, Hamid (Iran) Iran University of Science and Technology
Beigy, Hamid (Iran) Sharif University of Technology
Bein, Wolfgang (United States) University of Nevada Las Vegas
Belahcen, Anouar (Finland) Aalto University School of Science and Technology
Belala, Faiza (Algeria) Université Abdelhamid Mehri Constantine 2
Beligiannis, Grigorios (Greece) University of Patras
Bellagamba, Lorenzo (Italy) National Institute of Nuclear Physics
Belli, Fevzi (Germany) University of Paderborn
Belmiloudi, Aziz (France) National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes
Ben Ghanem, Ali (Tunisia) Higher Institute of Apllied Sciences and Technology-Mateur
Benamar, Abdelkrim (Algeria) University of Tlemcen
Benbouziane, Mohamed (Algeria) University of Tlemcen
Benbouziane, Mohammed (Algeria) University of Tlemcen
Bendella, Fatima (Algeria) University of Science and Technology of Oran
Benedicenti, Luigi (Canada) University of Regina
Benhamou, Mabrouk (Morocco) Hassan II University
Benis, Arriel (Israel) Holon Institue of Technology
Bennadji, Amar (United Kingdom) Robert Gordon University
Benoit, Alexandre (France) University of Nantes
Benoit, Iung (France) University Henri Poincaré Nancy I
Bentley, Yongmei (United Kingdom) University of Bedfordshire
Benyettou, Abdelkader (Algeria) University of Sciences and Technology of Oran
Berberidis, Kostas (Greece) University of Patras
Berchtold, Martin (Germany) University of Karlsruhe
Berenyi, Richard (Hungary) Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Berge, Zane (United States) University of Maryland Baltimore County
Berke, József (Hungary) Dennis Gabor College
Bermann, Célio (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Bernabé, Gregorio (Spain) University of Murcia
Bernard, Jean-Charles (Canada) Polytechnic Montreal
Bernardi, Ansgar (Germany) German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Bernardino, Jorge (Portugal) Institute of Engineering of Coimbra
Bernick, Philip (United States) Hathority, LLC
Bernsteiner, Reinhard (Austria) Management Center Innsbruck
Berqia, Amine (Portugal) University of Algarve
Berti, Laure (France) University of Avignon
Bertolin, Juan Antonio (Spain) University Jaume I
Bessmertny, Igor (Russian Federation) University of Information Technologies
Bettaz, Mohamed (Czech Republic) Prague College
Bhagyavati, B. (United States) Columbus State University
Bhalod, Jayank (United States) Arizona State University
Bhardwaj, Rashmi (India) Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Bhat, Talapady N. (United States) National Institute of Standards and Technology
Bhattacharya, Abhijit (India) Centre for Studies in Social Sciences - Calcutta
Bhattacharya, Maumita (Australia) Charles Sturt University
Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha (United States) Kentucky State University
Bhrawy, Ali (Egypt) Beni-Suef University
Bhuiya, Ashikur (Canada) University of Saskatchewan
Bi, Yu (United States) University of Central Florida
Bi, Zeng (China) Guangdong University of Technology
Bialkowski, Konstanty (Australia) University of Queensland
Biancalana, Claudio (Italy) Roma Tre University
Bidarra, José (Portugal) Aberta University
Bilbao, Josu (Spain) Ikerlan Technological Research Center
Bilgekul, Huseyin (Cyprus) Eastern Mediterranean University
Bingham, Brian (United States) Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Bippus, Rolf (Germany) Philips Research Laboratories
Biri, Aroua (France) Telecom SudParis
Biscari, Paolo (Italy) Polytechnic of Milan
Biskri, Ismail (Canada) University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières
Bistrova, Julija (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Bizjak Koncar, Aleksandra (Slovenia) Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Blaabjerg, Niels Jørgen (Denmark) Aalborg University
Bloor, George (United States) The Boeing Company
Bodo, Herzog (Germany) Zeppelin University
Boemo, Eduardo (Spain) Autonomous University of Madrid
Boenke, Dietmar (Germany) Reutlingen University
Boger, Zvi (Israel) Ben-Gurion University
Bogliolo, Alessandro (Italy) University of Urbino
Boguslavsky, Andrey A. (Russian Federation) Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
Boguslaw, Bieda (Poland) AGH University of Science and Technology
Bojcetic, Nenad (Croatia) University of Zagreb
Bolboaca, Sorana Daniela (Romania) "Iuliu Hațieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Bompetsis, Nikolaos (Greece) University of Athens
Bonventi Jr., Waldemar (Brazil) University of Sorocaba
Boonjing, Veera (Thailand) King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Borboni, Alberto (Italy) University of Brescia
Bordignon, Alex Laier (Brazil) Federal Fluminense University
Borges, Carlos Cristiano H. (Brazil) National Laboratory for Scientific Computation
Borworn, Papasratorn (Thailand) King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Bosch, Alfonso (Spain) University of Almeria
Bottino, Andrea (Italy) Polytechnic of Torino
Botti-Salitsky, Rose (United States) University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Botto, Todd (United States) Quinnipiac University
Boudaoud, Karima (France) University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Boumedine, Marc (Virgin Islands) University of the Virgin Islands
Bourdoux, Andre (Belgium) Interuniversity Micro-Electronics Center
Bouslimani, Yassine (Canada) University of Moncton
Bouza Herrera, Carlos Narciso (Cuba) University of Havana
Boyes, David (United States) Sine Nomine Associates
Bozkýr, Eda (Turkey) Kýrklareli University
Bracamonte, Javier (Switzerland) University of Neuchatel
Braga Garcia, Tânia (Brazil) Federal University of Paraná
Brangier, Eric (France) Université de Lorraine - Metz
Branski, L. K. (United States) University of Texas Medical Branch
Branzila, Marius (Romania) Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi
Bratcu, Antoneta (France) University of Technology of Troyes
Bratosin, Carmen (Netherlands) Eindhoven University of Technology
Bravo, Ángel (Spain) University Carlos III of Madrid
Breczko, Teodor (Poland) University of Warmia and Mazury
Breda, Ana (Portugal) University of Aveiro
Brell-Cokcan, Sigrid (Germany) RWTH Aachen University
Brito, Alisson V. (Brazil) Federal University of Paraiba
Brito, Glaucia (Brazil) Federal University of Paraná
Britos, Paola (Argentina) Universidad Nacional de Río Negro
Brodnik, Andrej (Andy) (Slovenia) University of Primorska
Brogni, Andrea (Italy) Italian Institute of Technology
Brouri, Adil (Morocco) Moulay Ismail University
Bruillard, Eric (France) Sciences Techniques Éducation Formation
Brunato, Mauro (Italy) University of Trento
Brunet, Olivier (France) Smart Packaging Solutions
Bruzzone, Agostino (Italy) University of Genoa
Brzycki, Dolores (United States) Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Bubnicki, Zdzislaw (Poland) Wroclaw University of Technology
Bubnov, Alexey (Czech Republic) Academy of Sciences and the Czech Republic
Bubnov, Alexey (Czech Republic) Czech Academy of Sciences
Bubnov, Alexey (Czech Republic) Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Bubnov, Alexey (Czech Republic) The Czech Academy of Sciences
Bucchiarone, Antonio (Italy) Institute of Information Science and Technologies
Buchalcevova, Alena (Czech Republic) University of Economics, Prague
Buglione, Luigi (Italy) Engineering IT
Bukauskas, Linas (Lithuania) Vilnius University
Buneci, Madalina (Romania) University Constantin Brâncuşi of Târgu-Jiu
Buraga, Sabin (Romania) University of Iasi
Burcham, Donna Joan (United States) Arkansas State University
Burge, Jamika (United States) Pennsylvania State University
Burgin, Mark (United States) University of California Los Angeles
Burgos, Javier (Colombia) Francisco José de Caldas District University
Burke, David (United States) Robert Morris University
Burke, Jeff (United States) University of California Los Angeles
Bush, Geoff (New Zealand) University of Otago
Butkiewicz, Bohdan (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Butler, Cary (United States) US Army Corps of Engineers
Butleris, Rimantas (Lithuania) Kaunas University of Technology
Buty, Christian (France) University of Lyon II
Buzug, Thorsten (Germany) RheinAhrCampus Remagen
Byrne, Roxanne (United States) University of Colorado at Denver
Byun, Juman (United States) George Washington University
Cabassud, Michel (France) Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III
Cagle, Rick (United States) The MITRE Corporation
Cai, Lilong (Hong Kong) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Cai, Wensheng (United States) Auburn University
Caileanu, Corneliu (Romania) “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi
Calcagnini, Giovanni (Italy) Superior Health Institute
Caldararu, Florin (Romania) Ecological University of Bucharest
Caldararu, Florin (Romania) Research Laboratory for Environmental Monitoring and Semiconductor Sensors
Caldeira, Filipe (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Viseu
Caldeiro Pedreira, Mari Carmen (Spain) Universidad Pública de Navarra
Caldera, Lizeth (United States) Florida International University
Calidonna, Claudia Roberta (Italy) National Research Council Italy
Calude, Cristian S. (New Zealand) University of Auckland
Camargo, Maria Emilia (Brazil) University of Caxias do Sul
Camargo Santacruz, Francisco José (Mexico) Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
Camargo-Santacruz, Francisco José (Mexico) Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
Camilleri, Mario (Malta) University of Malta
Camins, Ángel Sevilla (Spain) University of Murcia
Camolesi Jr., Luiz (Brazil) Methodist University of Piracicaba
Campeanu, Andrei (Romania) Politechnical University of Timisoara
Camus, Herve (France) École Centrale de Lille
Canalda, Philippe (France) University of Franche-Comté
Canbolat, Huseyin (Turkey) Yildirim Beyazit University
Canca Ortiz, José David (Spain) University of Seville
Cannon, Adam (United States) Columbia University
Cano Escriba, Juan Carlos (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Canuto, Anne (Brazil) Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Cao, Kai (United States) New York University
Capella Hernández, Juan Vicente (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Cappellini, Alessandro (Italy) University of Turin
Capus, Laurence (Canada) Laval University
Carbonaro, Antonella (Italy) University of Bologna
Cárdenas, Henry E. (United States) Louisiana Tech University
Cardoso, Eduardo (Mexico) Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
Cardoso, Luís Miguel (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre
Carkovs, Jevgenijs (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Carmo Nicoletti, Maria do (Brazil) Federal University of São Carlos
Carmona, Samuel (Spain) Development and Medical Innovation Center
Carpenter, Dick (United States) University of Colorado
Carrapatoso, Eurico (Portugal) University of Porto
Carrasquero, José Vicente (Venezuela) Simon Bolivar University
Carreño Escobedo, Jorge Raúl (Peru) Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Carretero, Jesús (Spain) University Carlos III of Madrid
Carrió Pastor, Mª Luisa (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Carro, Belén (Spain) University of Valladolid
Caruthers, Jerald (United States) University of Southern Mississippi
Castellanos, Wilmar Arturo (Colombia) Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Castillo, Oscar (Mexico) Tijuana Institute of Technology
Castillo Atoche, Alejandro (Mexico) Autonomous University of Yucatan
Castillo Valdivieso, Pedro Ángel (Spain) University of Granada
Castro, Eduardo (Argentina) National University of La Plata
Catala, Alexandre (Spain) Applus IDIADA Group
Cavalcanti, Ana Paula (Brazil) Federal University of Pernambuco
Cazorla, Miguel (Spain) University of Alicante
Cazzanelli, Massimo (Italy) University of Trento
Celle, Alexander (Chile) Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Cercas, Francisco (Portugal) Instituto de Telecomunicações
Cerqueira, Eduardo (Portugal) University of Coimbra
Cervelló Pastor, Cristina (Spain) Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Cha, Sung-Hyuk (United States) Pace University
Chaaban, Farid (Lebanon) American University of Beirut
Chadwick, Steve (United States) Home Energy and Automation Research
Chahir, Youssef (France) University of Caen
Chakraborty, Suman (India) Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Chakravarty, Abhijit (United States) Florida Institute of Technology
Challoo, Linda (United States) Texas A&M University
Chambah, Majed (France) University of Reims Champagne Ardenne
Chamero, Juan (Spain) Intelligent Agents Internet Corp.
Chandra, Ramesh (India) University of Bundelkhand
Chandra, Vigyan (United States) Eastern Kentucky University
Chandrasenan, Divya (India) Sree Narayana Training College
Chandrinos, Konstantine V. (Greece) National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos
Chang, Chia-Ming (Taiwan) Tatung University
Chang, Chin-Chih (Taiwan) Chung Hua University
Chang, Hsung Pin (Taiwan) National Chung Hsing University
Chang, Maiga (Canada) Athabasca University
Chang, Wei-Ju (Taiwan) Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
Chang, Weng-Long (Taiwan) National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
Chang, Wen-Kui (Taiwan) Tunghai University
Chang, Ya-Hui (Taiwan) National Taiwan Ocean University
Chang, Yu-Ju (Taiwan) National Chi Nan University
Chan-Hyun, Youn (South Korea) Information and Communications University
Channa, Subhadra (India) University of Delhi
Chapin, Brenton (United States) University of North Texas
Chatzakou, Despoina (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Chaudhari, Anant (India) Arts, Science
Chaudhari, Narendra (India) Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Chellappan, Kalaivani (Malaysia) National University of Malaysia
Chelouah, Rachid (France) Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l'Information Paris
Chen, Ang (United States) University of Pennsylvania
Chen, Austin (Taiwan) Tzu Chi University
Chen, Chau-Kuang (United States) Meharry Medical College
Chen, Chi-Chih (United States) Ohio State University
Chen, Chin-Chou (Taiwan) Chunghwa Telecom
Chen, Ding-Yun (Taiwan) National Taiwan University
Chen, Genfa (China) China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Chen, Guo Jin (China) Hangzhou Dianzi University
Chen, Haiguang (China) Shanghai Normal University
Chen, Huaqi (China) Fujian Normal University
Chen, Jin (China) Zhejiang University
Chen, Jingchao (China) DongHua University
Chen, Jing-Chao (China) Donghua University
Chen, Jyi-Ta (Taiwan) Southern Taiwan University
Chen, Kuan-Hung (Taiwan) Feng-Chia University
Chen, Liang-Bi (Taiwan) National Sun Yat-Sen University
Chen, Lisa Y. (Taiwan) I-Shou University
Chen, Min (United States) Boston University
Chen, Mu-Song (Taiwan) Da-Yeh University
Chen, Qingzhang (China) Zhejiang University of Technology
Chen, Shih-Chih (Taiwan) National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Chen, Tan Kay (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Chen, Tse Min (Brian) (Taiwan) Chung Cheng University
Chen, Tuan-Chih (Taiwan) Chinese Institute of Technology
Chen, Yil (Taiwan) Huafan University
Chen, Ying (United States) Southern Illinois University
Chen, Yuhua (United States) University of Houston
Chen, Yuh-Wen (Taiwan) Da Yeh University
Chen, Yuh-Wen (Taiwan) Da-Yeh University
Chen, Zhe (China) Northeastern University
Cheng, Chih-Chiang (Taiwan) National Sun Yat-Sen University
Cheng, Jao-Hong (Taiwan) National Yunlin University of Science & Technology
Cheng, Tianxiao (China) Jiangnan University
Cheng, Tsung-Chi (Taiwan) National Chengchi University
Cheng, Wu (China) Tsinghua University
Cherif, Adel (Japan) Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Cherinka, Robert (United States) The MITRE Corporation
Cherniakov, M. (United Kingdom) University of Birmingham
Chianese, Angelo (Italy) University of Naples Federico II
Chiang, Chia-Chu (United States) ASG Inc.
Chickerur, Satyadhyan (India) M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Chien, Ying-Ren (Taiwan) National Ilan University
Chio, Tan Huat (Singapore) DSO National Laboratories
Chiou, Richard (United States) Drexel University
Chittayasothorn, Suphamit (Thailand) King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Chiu, Chih Chou (Taiwan) National Taipei University of Technology
Chiu, Kenneth (United States) Indiana University
Chiu, Singa Wang (Taiwan) Chaoyang University of Technology
Chlivickas, Eugenijus (Lithuania) Ministry of Finance Training Centre
Cho, Kyoung-Rok (South Korea) Chungbuk National University
Cho, Myung-Hwan (South Korea) Konkuk University
Cho, Tae Won (South Korea) Chungbuk National University
Choi, Hee Bong (South Korea) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Choi, Yong S. (South Korea) Hanyang University
Chong, Kil (United States) Texas A&M University
Chou, Li-Der (Taiwan) National Central University
Chou, Tsung-Yu (Taiwan) National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Chou, Tung-Hsiang (Taiwan) National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Choudhary, Bishwajit (India) University of Trier
Chountas, Panagiotis (United Kingdom) University of Manchester
Chow, Andy H. F. (United States) University of California Berkeley
Chriette, Abdelhamid (France) University of Evry
Christi, Arpit (United States) Weber State University
Chu, Hsing-Wei (United States) Lamar University
Chuang, Chen Chia (Taiwan) National Ilan University
Chuvakin, Anton (United States) Gartner for Technical Professionals
Cialdea, Donatella (Italy) University of Molise
Cilesiz, Inci (Turkey) Istanbul Technical University
Cipolla Ficarra, Francisco (Italy) F&F Multimedia Communications Corp.
Cipolla-Ficarra, Francisco (Italy) Latino Association of Human-Computer Interaction
Cirella, Jonathan (United States) RTI International
Cisneros-Cohernour, Edith (Mexico) Autonomous University of Yucatan
Ciubotaru, Constantin (Moldova, Republic of) Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Clemence, Dominic (United States) North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Clemente, Bill (United States) Peru State College
Cloquell Ballester, Vicente Agustín (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Cocianu, Catalina (Romania) Academy of Economic Studies
Coelho, Ernane (Brazil) Federal University of Uberlandia
Coffman, Michael G. (United States) Souther Illinois University
Colapinto, Cinzia (Italy) University of Milan
Coll, Eloina (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Collard, Philippe (France) University of Nice
Coltell, Oscar (Spain) Universitat Jaume I
Comite, Ubaldo (Italy) University of Calabria
Confessore, Giuseppe (Italy) University of Rome Tor Vergata
Consoli, Ángela (Australia) University of South Australia
Contreras, Leonardo (Venezuela) Simón Bolívar University
Contreras, Sebastián (Colombia) University of The Andes
Corcuera, Pedro (Spain) University of Cantabria
Córdoba, Alberto (Spain) Public University of Navarra
Cornilleau-Pérès, Valerie (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Coscarell, William (United States) Southern Illinois Univeristy
Costa, Filipe (Brazil) University of the Sinos Valley
Costa, Guilherme (Brazil) University of Caxias do Sul
Costa Leite, Manuel (Portugal) Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies
Costantino, Gianpiero (Italy) National Research Council
Cotfas, Petru Adrian (Romania) Transilvania University of Brasov
Cotta, Carlos (Spain) University of Malaga
Cotti, Umberto (Mexico) University of Michoacan
Cousseau, Aurélie (France) VirtuOz S. A.
Coutinho, Murilo (United States) Information Sciences Institute
Craft, Brock (United Kingdom) Institute of Education, London Knowledge Lab
Crawfis, Roger A. (United States) The Ohio State University
Crippa, Paolo (Italy) Polytechnic University of Marche
Criswell, Andrew (Thailand) Bangkok University
Crnkovic, Jakov (United States) University at Albany, Albany, New York
Crockett, Keeley (United Kingdom) Manchester Metropolitan University
Crudele, Michele (Italy) Campus Bio-Medico University
Cruz, Adailton (Brazil) Federal University of Grande Dourados
Cruz, Antonio Miguel (Colombia) Del Rosario University
Cruz-Martín, Ana (Spain) University of Malaga
Cruz-Roldán, Fernando (Spain) University of Alcala
Cubukcu, Feryal (Turkey) Dokuz Eylul University
Cucchieri, Attilio (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Cuiñas, Iñigo (Spain) University of Vigo
Cunha, Idaulo J. (Brazil) Intellectos
Curran, Kevin (United Kingdom) University of Ulster
Curteza, Antonela (Romania) “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi
Cvek, Urska (United States) University of Massachusetts Lowell
D`Ulizia, Arianna (Italy) National Research Council
Da F. Costa, Luciano (Brazil) University of São Paulo
Da Rugna, Jerome (France) University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne
Dadic, Martin (Croatia) University of Zagreb
Dado, Milan (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Dai, Fengzhi (China) Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Dai, Weizhong (United States) Louisiana Tech University
Daibog, Elena (Russian Federation) Moscow State University
Dale, Ann (Canada) Royal Roads University
Dalla Vecchia, Alessandro (Brazil) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Danchiv, Andrei (Romania) Infineon Technologies Romania
Daneshmand Malayeri, Amin (Iran) Malayer Azad University
Dang, Anrong (China) Tsinghua University
Dang, Tran Khanh (United Kingdom) Middlesex University
Daniel, Ben (Canada) University of Saskatchewan
Danihelka, Pavel (Czech Republic) Technical University of Ostrava
Danjour, Miler Franco (Brazil) Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul
Dantas de Assunção, Marcus V. (Brazil) Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul
Dardzinska, Agnieszka (Poland) Bialystok Technical University
Dardzinska, Agnieszka (Poland) Bialystok University of Technology
Darwish, Abdalla (United States) Dillard University
Das, Satyabrata (India) Trident Academy of Technology
Dash, Sujata (India) North Orissa University
Dashtimanesh, Gholamreza (Iran) University of Tehran
Dashtirahmatabadi, Mohammadali (Iran) United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Iran
Dave, Leena (United States) RTI International
De, Sadhan K. (India) Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
De Aquino, Andre L. L. (Brazil) Federal University of Alagoas
De Carvalho Lima Lobato, Ana Katerine (Brazil) Universidade Federal da Bahia
De Castro, Miguel F. (France) National Institute of Telecommunications
De Diego, José Ramón (Spain) University of Oviedo
De Falco, Stefano (Italy) University of Naples Federico II
De Felice, Fabio (Italy) University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
De Felipe, Javier (Spain) Spanish National Research Council
De Franceschi, Analucia (Brazil) Federal University of Santa Catarina
De la Puente, Fernando (Spain) University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
De La Puente Gil, Alvaro (Spain) University of Leon
De la Teja, Ileana (Canada) Télé-Université
De Montis, Andrea (Italy) University of Sassari
De Silva, Chris (Australia) Murdoch University
De Volder, Dennis (United States) Western Illinois University
Deakins, Eric (New Zealand) University of Waikato
Dean, Jeff (United States) Cleveland State University
Deb, Sankha (Canada) University of Montreal
DeBaillie, Catherine (United States) Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Debono, Carl James (Malta) University of Malta
Deepti, Parachuri (India) Infosys Technologies Ltd
Degeratu, Vasile (Romania) University of Bucharest
Del Cerro, Gerardo (United States) The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Del Vecchio, Davide (Italy) Scuola Dante Alighieri
Deligiorgi, Despina (Greece) University of Athens
Deliyska, Boryana (Bulgaria) University of Forestry
Demestichas, Konstantinos (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Demiray, ugur (Turkey) Anadolu University
Demirbilek, Muhammet (Turkey) Suleyman Demirel University
Demýray, Ugur (Turkey) Anadolu University
Deneux, Dominique (France) University of Valenciennes
Deng, Guishi (China) Dalian University of Technology
Deng, Lawrence (Taiwan) St. John's and St. Mary's Institute of Technology
Dereshiwsky, Mary (United States) Northern Arizona University
Desa, Shakinaz (Malaysia) Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Deshpande, Anand (India) Angadi Institute of Technology and Management
Destro, Ricardo de Carvalho (Brazil) University Center of FEI
Dev, Amita (India) Bhai Parmanad Institute of Business Studies
Devadason, Francis (Thailand) Asian Institute of Technology
Devaraju, Anusuriya (Malaysia) University Technical Malaysia Melaka
Dey, Aniruddha (India) Budge Budge Institute of Technology
DeZulueta, Monica (United States) Florida International University
Dhamdhere, Vidya (India) G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management
Dharaskar, Rajiv (India) Raisoni College of Engineering
Di Biasi, Luigi (Italy) Università degli Studi di Salerno
Di Martino, Beniamino (Italy) Second University of Naples
Di Nitto, Elisabetta (Italy) Polytechnic University of Milan
Di Rico, Gianluca (Italy) Astronomical Observatory of Teramo
Diaconescu, Stefan (Romania) Softwin SRL
Diallo, Saikou Y. (United States) Old Dominion University
Dias Soeiro C., Mª Natália (Portugal) University of Porto
Díaz Ochoa, Juan Guillermo (Germany) Insilico Biotechnology AG
Dickopp, Tilo (Germany) University of Mannheim
Dickson, Patrick (United States) Michigan State University
Dierks, Meghan (United States) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dikov, Andrei (Russian Federation) Penza State University
Dimitrijevic, Predrag (Serbia) University of Nis
Dimitropoulos, Linda (United States) RTI International
Dimyati, Kaharudin (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Ding, Xiaoqing (China) Tsinghua University
Ding, Yong (Germany) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Dingu-Kyrklund, Elena (Sweden) Stockholm University
Dipanda, Albert (France) University of Burgundy
Distante, Cosimo (Italy) University of Lecce
Diz, Henrique (Portugal) University of Avero
Dizdaroglu, Bekir (Turkey) Karadeniz Technical University
Djurić, Petar M. (United States) Stony Brook University
Dladlu, Nosipho (South Africa) North-West University
Doherr, Detlev (Germany) University of Applied Sciences Offenburg
Dolan, Dan (United States) South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Doma, Salah (Egypt) Alexandria University
Domínguez-Dorado, Manuel (Spain) University of Extremadura
Dominic, Dhanapal Durai (Malaysia) University Tecnology Petronas
Dominique, Revuz (France) University of Marne la Vallée
Dommel, Hans-Peter (United States) Santa Clara University
Dommel, Peter (United States) Santa Clara University
Dong, Yuan (China) Nokia Research Center
Donko, Dzenana (Bosnia and Herzegovina) University of Sarajevo
Dorn, Marcio (Brazil) Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Dospisil, Jana (Australia) Monash University
Doswell, Felicia (United States) Norfolk State University
Doughan, Mahmoud (Lebanon) Lebanese University
Douligeris, Christos (Greece) University of Piraeus
Doyle, Maureen (United States) Northern Kentucky University
Drevin, Gunther (South Africa) North-West University
Drobnik, Oswald (Germany) Goethe University Frankfurt
Drobnyh, Klim (United States) Arizona State University
Druzovec, Marjan (Slovenia) University of Maribor
D'Silva, Icy (Canada) University of Guelph
Du, Hongtao (United States) University of Tennessee
Duale, Ali (United States) IBM Corp.
Dualibe, Carlos (Argentina) Catholic University of Cordoba
Duffy, Nigel (United States) University of California at Santa Cruz
Dugarte Peña, Germán Lenin (Spain) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Duh, Henry B. L. (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Dukic, Gordana (Croatia) University of Osijek
Dulic, Aleksandra (Canada) The University of British Columbia
Dumdum, Uldarico Rex (United States) Marywood University
Dunnion, John (Ireland) University College Dublin
Durgaryan, Karine (Armenia) National Children's Library
Dursun, Sukru (Turkey) Selcuk University
Duthen, Yves (France) Institute for Research in Computer Science of Toulouse
Dutta, Pranabjyoti (India) Tezpur University
Duvallet, Claude (France) University of Havre
Duysak, Alpaslan (Turkey) Dumlupinar University
Dvornik, Josko (Croatia) University of Split
Dwairi, Rehab (Jordan) Jordan University of Science and Technology
Dyussenov, Kanat (Kazakhstan) The Innovative Eurasian University
Dzbor, Martin (United Kingdom) The Open University
Ebadati, Omid Mahdi (Iran) Kharazmi University
Ebraheim, Nabil (United States) University of Toledo
Eby, Gulsun (Turkey) Anadolu University
Ediberidze, Alexandeer (Georgia) Technical University of Georgia
Edwards, Stephen H. (United States) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Efstathiades, Andreas (Cyprus) European University Cyprus
Efstathiou, Dimitrios (United States) Analog Devices Inc.
Efthimiou, Costas (United States) University of Central Florida
Eisenhauer, William (United States) Portland State University
Ekbal, Asif (India) Jadavpur University
Ekpenyong, Andrew (United States) Creighton University
El Badaoui, Mohamed (France) Jean Monnet University of Saint Etienne
El Beqqali, Omar (Morocco) Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
El Berhiti El Alaoui, Abdelbaki (Morocco) Moulay Ismail University
El Hassouni, Mohammed (France) University of Burgundy
El Kadhi, Nabil (France) Epitech Europeen Institute of Technology
El Manouni, Said (Saudi Arabia) Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
El Manouni, Said (Saudi Arabia) University AlImam Ar Seoud
El Montoya, Dan (Venezuela) Central University of Venezuela
El Oualkadi, Ahmed (Morocco) Abdelmalek Essaadi University
El-Alfy, El-Sayed (Saudi Arabia) King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
El-Bakry, Hazem (Egypt) Mansoura University
Elçi, Atilla (Turkey) Aksaray University (Emeritus)
Elizalde, Félix (Mexico) Banamex
El-Kashlan, Ahmed (Egypt) Academy for Science and Technology
El-Nadi, Khairia (Egypt) Alexandria University
Elsas, Alexander (Germany) Frankfurt University
Elwany, Hamdy (Egypt) Alexandria University
Emami, Reza (Sweden) Lulea University of Technology
Encabo, Eduardo (Spain) University of Murcia
English, Kim (Canada) Trent University
Erbacher, Robert (United States) Utah State University
Ercan, M. Fikret (Singapore) Singapore Polytechnic
Erdogan, Nadia (Turkey) Istanbul Technical University
Eren Akyol, Derya (Turkey) Dokuz Eylul University
Ergenc Ozakar, Belgin (Turkey) Izmir Institute of Technology
Erickson, Sarah (United States) Florida International University
Erina, Jana (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Erins, Ingars (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Erkollar, Alptekin (Austria) University of Applied Sciences
Erro, Maria Jose (Spain) Universidad Pública de Navarra
Ersoy, A. (Turkey) Istanbul University
Escalada, Gonzalo (Spain) Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
Escudeiro, Nuno (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Eshragh, Sepideh (United States) University of Delaware
Esperancini, Maura (Brazil) São Paulo State University
Essam A., Ahmed (Egypt) Sohag University
Esselle, Karu (Australia) University of Technology Sydney
Ethiraj, Thandapani (India) Periyar University
Evans, Chris (United Kingdom) Brunel University
Eynard, Benoit (France) University of Technology of Compiegne
Fabijanska, Anna (Poland) Technical University of Lodz
Faiyetole, Ayodele A. (Nigeria) EarthSpace and Innovations to Society Foundation
Fajardo, Waldo (Spain) University of Granada
Falconí, Guillermo (Germany) Technische Universität München
Falkner, Katrina (Australia) University of Adelaide
Falkowski-Gilski, Przemyslaw (Poland) Gdansk University of Technology
Fallahi, Mahmoud (United States) University of Arizona
Fan, Linghua (China) Shanghai University
Fan, Xiumei (China) Beijing Institute of Technology
Fanelli, Annamaria (Italy) University of Bari
Fang, Zhonghua (United States) Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics
Fargione, Giovanna (Italy) University of Catania
Farhaoui, Yousef (Morocco) Moulay Ismail University
Farias, Patricia (Brazil) Federal University of Pernambuco
Farooqui, Aamir A. (United States) King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Farringdon, Jonny (United States) BodyMedia
Faruqi, M. A. (United States) Texas A&M University Kingsville
Fathallah, Nouboud (Canada) University of Québec, Trois-Rivières
Faulin, Javier (Spain) Public University of Navarra
Faulín, Javier (Spain) Public University of Navarre
Faustino, Ana Mª (Portugal) University of Porto
Fauzia, Salma (India) Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology
Favacho de Araújo, Patricia (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Favorskaya, Margarita (Russian Federation) Siberian State Aerospace University
Fazekas, Attila (Hungary) University of Debrecen
Federici, Stefano (Italy) University of Perugia
Feng, Chengzhi (China) Soochow University
Feng, Guo (China) Chinese Academy of Sciences
Feng, Tao (United States) Aramco Service Company
Feraco, Antonio (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University in Singapore
Fernandes, Marcelo Eloy (Brazil) Fatec Barueri
Fernandes, Márcia (Brazil) Federal University of Uberlândia
Fernandes, Paula Odete (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Bragança
Fernández Jurado, Mª Yolanda (Spain) Comillas Pontifical University
Fernández-Llatas, Carlos (Spain) Technical University of Valencia
Ferraro, Mario (Italy) University of Turin
Ferreira, Andrea (Brazil) Federal University of Paraíba
Ferreira, Antonio (United States) National Energy Technology Laboratory
Ferreira, Luis (Portugal) Public Polytechnic Higher Learning and Research Institute of Engineering
Ferri, Paolo (Italy) University of Milano-Bicocca
Fertalj, Kresimir (Croatia) University of Zagreb
Fetaji, Majlinda (Macedonia) South East European University
Figueroa de La Cruz, Mario M. (Argentina) National Technological University
Fillinger, Antoine (United States) National Institute of Standards and Technology
Finkbine, Ronald (United States) Indiana University Southeast
Fiordo, Richard (United States) University of North Dakota
Fiorini, Rodolfo A. (Italy) Politecnico di Milano University
Fiorini, Rodolfo A. (Italy) Polytechnic University of Milan
Fiorini, Rodolfo A. (Italy) Polytechnic University of Milan / Polytechnic Institute of Milan
Fischer, Claude (France) Meteo-France
Fisser, Erwin (Netherlands) Soa Aids Nederland
Flammia, Madelyn (United States) University of Central Florida
Fletcher, Amy (New Zealand) University of Canterbury
Flores, Juan (Mexico) University of Michoacan
Flórez-López, Raquel (Spain) University of Leon
Floyd, Raymond (United States) Innovative Insights, Inc.
Foda, Salah (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Foglia, Pierfrancesco (Italy) University of Pisa
Foina, Aislan (Brazil) University of São Paulo
Folgueras, Antonio (Spain) Carlos III University
Fombona, Javier (Spain) International Observatory for the Audiovisual Comunication and Pedagogy
Fonseca, Benjamim (Portugal) University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro
Fonseca Ferreira, Nuno M. (Portugal) Institute of Engineering of Coimbra
Forcolin, Margherita (Netherlands) Leiden University
Fortino, Giancarlo (Italy) University of Calabria
Fortune, Steve (United States) Bell Laboratories
Fosner, Ajda (Slovenia) Gea College
Fougeres, Alain-Jerome (France) University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard
Fox, Richard (United States) Northern Kentucky University
Franco, Patricio (Spain) Polytechnic University of Cartagena
Franklin A., Antony (India) Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Franza, Olivier (United States) Intel Corporation
Frasson, Antonio (Brazil) Federal University of Espírito Santo
Fratini, Antonio (Italy) University of Naples Federico II
Fratino, Umberto (Italy) Polytechnic of Bari
Frazao, Luis (Portugal) Polytechnic of Leiria
Frederic, Andres (Japan) National Institute of Informatics
Freitas, Walmir (Brazil) State University of Campinas
Frejlichowski, Dariusz (Poland) West Pomeranian University of Technology
Frizell, Sherri (United States) Prairie View A&M University
Frosch-Wilke, Dirk (Germany) Kiel University of Applied Sciences
Fu, Xiuju (Singapore) Institute of High Performance Computing
Fu, Yanwei (United States) Disney Research Pittsburgh
Fu, Yonggang (China) Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Fu, Yujian (United States) Alabama A&M University
Fujikawa, Takemi (Australia) University of Western Sydney
Fujita, Masahiro (Japan) Sony Computer Science Laboratory
Fujita, Naoyuki (Japan) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Fujiwara, Takahiro (Japan) Shizuoka University
Fularz, Michał (Poland) Poznan University of Technology
Fumizawa, Motoo (Japan) Shonan Institute of Technology
Fung, Wai Kung (Hong Kong) Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Galvao, Adriano (United States) Illinois Institute of Technology
Galvez, José Maria (Brazil) Federal University of Minas Gerais
Gamal, Yosr (Egypt) Cairo University
Gamatié, Abdoulaye (France) National Institute for Research in Computer Science
Gan, Zaobin (China) Huazhong University
Ganapathi, Nanthini (United States) Research Triangle Institute
Gandhewar, Nisarg (India) S.B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management & Research
Ganeshan, Kathiravelu (New Zealand) Unitec New Zealand
Gangadharan, Sathya (United States) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Ganguly, Pritam (United States) Cornell University
Gani, Abdullah (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Gao, Jianlin (United States) New Jersey Institute of Technology
Gao, Meimei (United States) New Jersey Institute of Technology
Gao, Xue (China) South China University of Technology
Gao, Zhenguo (China) Huaqiao University
Gaponov, Yurii (Japan) Institute of Materials Structures Sciences
Garai, Gautam (India) Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Garcia, Germain (France) Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems
García, Alberto Eloy (Spain) University of Cantabria
García, Héctor (Spain) Polytechnic University of Madrid
García, Marinela (Spain) Polytechnic University of Madrid
García Atanacio, César (Mexico) National Institute for Nuclear Research
Garcia Bedoya, Olmer (Brazil) State University of Campinas
García Marco, Francisco J. (Spain) University of Zaragoza
García-Aracil, Adela (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
García-Carballeira, Félix (Spain) Carlos III University of Madrid
García-Muiña, Fernando E. (Spain) Rey Juan Carlos University
García-Otero, Singli (United States) Virginia State Univesity
García-Ramírez, José Miguel (Spain) University of Granada
García-Teodoro, Pedro (Spain) University of Granada
García-Zambrana, Antonio (Spain) University of Malaga
Garibaldi, Jonathan M. (United Kingdom) University of Nottingham
Garlatti, Serge (France) Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne
Garnaev, Andrey (Russian Federation) St. Petersburg State University
Garozzo, Giuseppe (Italy) St-Microelectronics
Gary, Anne-Bridget (United States) University of Wisconsin
Gaspar, Alessio (United States) University of South Florida
Gau, Li-Shiue (Taiwan) Asia University
Gavalda, Marsal (United States) Dictaphone Corporation
Gavrilova, Tatiana A. (Russian Federation) St. Petersburg State University
Gaye, Fatoui Ndeye (Gambia) Ministry of Forestry and Environment the Gambia
Gayretli, Ahmet (Turkey) Afyon Kocatepe University
Gazouli, Maria (Greece) University of Athens
Ge, Jiaxin (China) University Student
Ge, Shuzhi Sam (Singapore) National University Singapore
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Gedviliene, Genute (Lithuania) Vytautas Magnus University
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Ghosh, Sadhana (India) National Institute of Industrial Engineering
Ghosh, Satrajit (United States) Boston University
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Glotzbach, Ronald J. (United States) Purdue University
Gnanamani, Arumugam (India) Central Leather Research Institute Adyar
Gnatyuk, Volodymyr (Ukraine) V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Goce-Dakila, Cristela (Philippines) De La Salle University
Godavarty, Anuradha (United States) Florida International University
Godino-Llorente, Juan Ignacio (Spain) Polytechnic University of Madrid
Goebel, Peter Michael (Austria) Karl-Landsteiner Institute for Biotelematics
Goerdt, Andreas (Germany) Chemnitz University of Technology
Goh, Gerald (Malaysia) Multimedia University
Goldberg, Robert (United States) City University of New York
Golea, Nour El Houda (Algeria) Batna 2 University
Golestani, Abbas (Iran) Iran University of Science and Technology
Gomes Pires, José Adriano (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Bragança
Gómez, Jaime (Spain) University of Alicante
Gómez, María E. (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Gómez Moreno, Hilario (Spain) University of Alcala
Gómez Plaza, Mariano (Spain) Soticol Robotics Systems
Gómez Pulido, Juan Antonio (Spain) University of Extremadura
Gómez S., Elibardo J. (Colombia) Corporación Universitaria Latinoamericana
Gonçalves, Amilcar (Portugal) University of Aberta
Gonçalves, Ricardo (Portugal) New University of Lisbon
Gonchar, Nicholas S. (Ukraine) Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics
Gonge, Sudhanshu (India) Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
González, Fermín (Spain) Public University of Navarra
González, Jean (United States) Florida International University
González, Virgilio (United States) University of Texas at El Paso
González Colín, Mireya (Mexico) Toluca Institute of Technology
González García, Concepción (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
González Gómez, Juan Pablo (Spain) University of Alicante
González-Sistal, Ángel (Spain) University of Barcelona
Gorce, Philippe (France) University of Paris-Sud
Goria, Stéphane (France) University of Lorraine
Goriachkin, Oleg (Russian Federation) Volga State Academy of Telecommunication and Informatics
Gorripotu, Tulasichandra Sekhar (India) Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
Gotseva, Daniela (Bulgaria) Technical University of Sofia
Goulding, Tom (United States) Daniel Webster College
Goureau, Pascal (France) École Nationale Supérieure de l'Électronique et de ses Applications
Gouyon, David (France) University of Lorraine
Graham, Lee (United States) University of Alaska Southeast
Grande Ortiz, Mª Ángeles (Spain) Technical University of Madrid
Grange, Teresa (Italy) University of Aosta Valley
Granik, Yuri (United States) Mentor Graphics Corporation
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Granvilliers, Laurent (France) University of Nantes
Gras-Marti, Albert (Spain) University of Alicante
Gravvanis, George A. (Greece) Democritus University of Thrace
Grediaga, Ángel (Spain) University of Alicante
Grimán Padua, Anna (Venezuela) Simón Bolívar University
Grouverman, Valentina (United States) Research Triangle Institute
Grygierzec, Wieslaw (Poland) University of Agriculture in Krakow
Gudikandhula, Narasimha Rao (India) Centurion University of Technology and Management
Guedes de Souza, Sergio (Brazil) Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Gueorguieva, Natacha (United States) City University of New York
Guerra, Cecilia (Panama) National Secretary’s Office of Science, Technology and Innovation
Gui, M. W. (Taiwan) National Taipei University of Technology
Guiasu, Silviu (Canada) York University
Guijarro-Fuentes, Pedro (United Kingdom) University of Plymouth
Guimaraes, Gabriela (Portugal) New University of Lisbon
Guin, Angshuman (United States) Georgia Institute of Technology
Gulbahar, Yasemin (Turkey) Ankara University
Gundu, Srinivasa Rao (India) Dravidian University
Gunji, Yukio (Japan) Kobe University
Guo, Jiaxing (United States) University of Virginia
Gupta, Vijay (India) Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
Gupta, Vijay Kumar (India) Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing
Gurgen, Fikret S. (Turkey) Bogazici University
Gurnani, Haresh (Hong Kong) Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Gutiérrez, Rafael (United States) University of Texas at El Paso
Gutiérrez-Torres, C. (Mexico) National Polytechnic Institute
Gutta, Srinivas (United States) Philips Research Laboratories
Györödi, Cornelia Aurora (Romania) University of Oradea
Ha, Quang P. (Australia) University of Technology
Ha, Seok-Wun (South Korea) Gyeongsang National University
Habaebi, Mohamed Hadi (Malaysia) Putra University Malaysia
Haber, Jeffry (United States) Iona College
Haberman, Bruria (Israel) Holon Institute of Technology and Davidson Institute of Science Education
Habibi, Jafar (Iran) Sharif University of Technology
Haddad, Hisham (United States) Kennesaw State University
Haeri Kermani, Mohammad (United States) University of Maryland
Haghani, Sasan (United States) University of the District of Columbia
Hajduk, Zbigniew (Poland) Rzeszow University of Technology
Hajjam, Amir (France) University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard
Hajlaoui, Kafil (France) Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique
Halak, Basel (United Kingdom) Southampton University
Hall, Sonia (Canada) Ministry of Social Development
Hallot, Frédéric (Belgium) Royal Military Academy
Ham, Chan (United States) Kennesaw State University
Ham, Sang Yong (South Korea) Korea Institute of Machineryand Materials
Hamanaka, Masatoshi (Japan) University of Tsukuba
Hamie, Ali (United Kingdom) University of Brighton
Hangai, Seiichiro (Japan) Tokyo University of Science
Hanjalic, Alan (Netherlands) Delft University of Technology
Hanratty, Timothy (United States) US Army Research Laboratory
Hansen, Paul (New Zealand) University of Otago
Hanson, Ardis (United States) University of South Florida
Hardy, Leon C. (United States) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Harib, Khalifa (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates University
Harichandan, Dhaneswar (India) University of Mumbai
Harkat, Houda (Portugal) Instituto de Telecomunicações
Hartley, Roger (United States) New Mexico State University
Harto, Agung B. (Indonesia) Bandung Institute of Technology
Haruvy, Nava (Israel) Netanya Academic College
Harwood, Tracy (United Kingdom) De Montfort University
Hasan, Yusuf (United States) Illinois Institute of Technology
Hase, William L. (United States) Texas Tech University
Hashimoto, Shigehiro (Japan) Kogakuin University
Hashmi, Mohammad (United Kingdom) Cardiff University
Hasler, Arnulf (Austria) University of Graz
Hassan, Shahizan (Malaysia) University Utara Malaysia
Hassanien, Aboul Ella (Egypt) Cairo University
Hauhio, Leena (Finland) Aalto University School of Science and Technology
Hawk, David (United States) New Jersey Institute of Technology
Heather, Julian (United States) California State University Sacramento
Hedjar, Ramdane (Saudi Arabia) King Saud University
Hegazi, Tarek M. (Canada) University of Waterloo
Heinemann, Andreas (Germany) Darmstadt University of Technology
Heinz, Westphal (Germany) University of Magdeburg
Hellstern, Gerd-Michael (Germany) University of Kassel
Henninger, Michael (Germany) University of Education
Hensman, Svetlana (Ireland) Technological University Dublin
Hernández-Pina, Fuensanta (Spain) University of Murcia
Herr, Stephan (Germany) Air Navigation Services
Hessel, Fabiano (Brazil) Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
Hetzer, Dirk (Germany) T-Systems
Heutte, Jean (France) University Lille 1
Hidalgo, Arturo (Spain) Polytechnic University of Madrid
Hietanen, Lenita (Finland) University of Lapland
Hijazi, Ala (Jordan) The Hashemite University
Hilkevics, Sergejs (Latvia) Ventspils University of Applied Sciences
Hiraga, Rumi (Japan) Tsukuba University of Technology
Hishiyama, Reiko (Japan) Waseda University
Hitam, Muhammad Suzuri (Malaysia) University College of Science and Technology
Hlayhel, Wissam (France) Institute for Research in Computer Science of Toulouse
Ho, Wing Kong (United Kingdom) University of Ulster
Hoag, John (United States) Ohio University
Hochlaf, Majdi (France) University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
Hofmeister, Helge (Belgium) BASF IT Services Brussels
Hoganson, Kenneth (United States) Kennesaw State University
Høholdt, Tom (Denmark) Technical University of Denmark
Holifield, David (United Kingdom) University of Wales Institute Cardiff
Holland, Norma (United States) Indiana University
Höllerer, Tobias (United States) Columbia University
Hollman, Jorge (Canada) University of British Columbia
Holmqvist, Mona (Sweden) Kristianstad University College
Holtkamp, Wolfgang (Germany) University of Stuttgart
Honekamp, Uwe (Germany) Vector Informatik GmbH
Hong, Sungbum (United States) Jackson State University
Hong, Tzung-Pei (Taiwan) National University of Kaohsiung
Hong, Wei-Chiang (Samuelson) (Japan) Osaka University
Hong, Youlian (Hong Kong) Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hontoria García, Leocadio (Spain) University of Jaen
Horne, Jeremy (United States) Maricopa Community College
Horng, Huey-Yang (Taiwan) I-Shou University
Horvath, Tomas (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Horváth, László (Hungary) Budapest Polytechnic
Hossain, Gahangir (United States) West Texas A&M University
Hou, Jianjun (China) Peking University
Hoummada, Abdeslam (Morocco) University of Hassan II Casablanca
Houser, Paul R. (United States) NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Hsieh, Kun-Lin (Johnny) (Taiwan) Nanhua University
Hsu, Ching-Sheng (Taiwan) Ming-Chuan University
Hsu, Li-Ling (Taiwan) National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences
Hsu, Yuh-Feng (Taiwan) Industrial Technology Research Institute
Htay, Maung M. (United States) Radford University
Hu, Dewen (China) National University of Defense Technology
Hu, Hong (United States) Hampton University
Hu, Huanling (China) Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics
Hu, Keyun (China) Tsinghua University
Hu, Shi-Qiang (China) Shanghai Jiaotong University
Hu, Yao (Japan) Waseda University
Hu, Yunfa (China) Fudan University
Huang, Chun Hong (Taiwan) Lunghwa University of Science and Technology
Huang, En-Hsin (United States) Alcatel-Lucent Technologies
Huang, George (Hong Kong) University of Hong Kong
Huang, Hsiu-Mei (Taiwan) National Taichung University of Science and Technology
Huang, Jingwei (China) Tsinghua University
Huang, Rubing (China) Jiangsu University
Hudson, Clemente (United States) Valdosta State University
Huget, Marc-Philippe (United Kingdom) University of Liverpool
Huminic, Angel (Romania) Transilvania University of Brasov
Hunek, Wojciech P. (Poland) Opole University of Technology
Hung, C. K. (Patrick) (Canada) University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Hung, Tsang-Kai (Taiwan) National Changhua University of Education
Hussain, Abir Jaafar (United Kingdom) Liverpool John Moores University
Hussain, Aini (Malaysia) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Hussain, Aini (Malaysia) National University of Malaysia
Hwang, Dosam (South Korea) Yeungnam University
Hwang, Ren Junn (Taiwan) Tamkang University
Hyyrö, Heikki (Finland) University of Tampere
Iamratanakul, Supachart (Thailand) Kasetsart University
Ianigro, Massimo (Italy) Italian National Research Council
Ibrahim, Roliana (Malaysia) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Idowu, Peter A. (Nigeria) Obafemi Awolowo University
Idris, Noraini (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Iembo, Rosanna (Italy) University of Calabria
Iglesias Gómez, Carlos Guido (Chile) SoftWeb Chile Ltda.
Ikeguchi, Cecilia (Japan) Tsukuba Gakuin University
Ilgner, Justus F. R. (Germany) RWTH Aachen University
Ilic-Sato, Mika (Japan) University of Tsukuba
Iliescu, Mihaiela (Romania) Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy
Ilunga, Masengo (South Africa) University of South Africa
Imada, Akira (Belarus) Brest State Technical University
Imbalzano, Giovanni (Italy) MPI
Imdord, Khadiga (Libya) Benghazi University
Imran, Muhammad (Sweden) Mid Sweden University
Inayatullah, Mohammad (Pakistan) NWFP University of Engineering & Technology
Inci, Ahmet Can (United States) Bryant University
Inkinen, Tommi (Finland) University of Helsinki
Intakosum, Sarun (Thailand) King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Intan, Rolly (Indonesia) Petra Christian University
Inyutin, Sergey A. (Russian Federation) Next time
Ioana, Adrian (Romania) University Politehnica of Bucharest
Ionescu, Adela (Romania) University of Craiova
Ionita, Angela (Romania) Romanian Academy Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Irtegov, Valentin (Russian Federation) Institute of System Dynamics and Control Theory
Isasi, Pedro (Spain) University Carlos III of Madrid
Ishida, Kenji (Japan) Hiroshima City University
Ishihara, João Yoshiyuki (Brazil) University of São Paulo
Ishikawa, Hiroshi (Japan) Niigata University of International and Information Studies
Ishikawa, Yasushige (Japan) Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Itani, Jihad (Lebanon) Arts Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon
Ito, Akinori (Japan) Tohoku University
Ivasic-Kos, Marina (Croatia) Department of Informatics University of Rijeka
Iwase, Hirokazu (Japan) Tokyo Seitoku University
Iyer, Balaji (United States) Naval Air Warfare Center
Izumi, Kiyotaka (Japan) Saga University
Izworski, Andrzej (Poland) AGH University of Science and Technology
Izydorczyk, Jacek (Poland) Silesian University of Technology
Jaccheri, Letizia (Norway) Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Jacob, Poulose K. (India) Cochin University of Science
Jacquin, Christine (France) University of Nantes
Jafari, Siavash (Canada) Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Jahn, Herbert (Germany) German Aerospace Center
Jain, Alok (India) Samrat Ashok Technological Institute
Jain, Deepak (India) Centre for Electronics Design & Technology
Jain, Kamal (India) Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Jakubik, Maria (United States) Ronin Institute
Jalal, Laassiri (Morocco) Ibn Tofail University
Jalbout, Abraham (United States) Dillard University
Jamjareegulgarn, Punyawi (Thailand) King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Janczura, Chris (Australia) Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Jani, Arpan (United States) University of Minnesota
Janota, Ales (Slovakia) University of Zilina
Janota, Aleš (Slovakia) University of Žilina
Janousek, Vladimir (Czech Republic) Brno University of Technology
Jäntschi, Lorentz (Romania) Academic Direct Organization
Jara Guerrero, Salvador (Mexico) University of Michoacan
Jaramillo-Núñez, Alberto (Mexico) National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics
Jaser, Edward (Jordan) Royal Scientific Society
Jashimuddin, Mohammed (Bangladesh) University of Chittagong
Jastroch, Norbert (Germany) MET Communications
Jastrzebska, Agnieszka (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Javaheri, Alireza (Iran) Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Jayasinghe, Ruwan (Sri Lanka) University of Peradeniya
Jayyousi, Anan (West Bank) Al Najah University
Jemielniak, Dariusz (Poland) Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw
Jenq, John (United States) Montclair State University
Jeong, Seonhwa (South Korea) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Jerabek, Michal (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Jeyaram, Bala Suyambu (India) MENTIS Inc
Jia, Xingde (United States) Texas State University
Jia, Xiuping (Australia) University of New SouthWales
Jiang, Hui (China) Institute of Communications Engineering Nanjing
Jiang, Nan (United Kingdom) Bournemouth University
Jilani, Tahseen Ahmed (Pakistan) University of Karachi
Jiménez, Hugo (Mexico) SFN, ACM
Jiménez Naharro, Raul (Spain) University of Huelva
Jiménez Rodríguez, Lourdes (Spain) University of Alcala
Jin, Lei (United States) McNeese State University
Jingchao, Chen (China) University Donghua
Jogan, Matjaz (Slovenia) University of Ljubljana
Joh, Joongseon (South Korea) Changwon National University
Johnson, Barry W. (United States) University of Virginia
Johnson, Donna (United States) Sussex Technical High School
Johnsten, Tom (United States) University of South Alabama
Joiner, Laurie (United States) University of Alabama in Huntsville
Jolfaei, Alireza (Australia) Griffith University
Jomhari, Nazean Binti (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Jones, Andrew (United Kingdom) Cardiff University
Jong, BinShyan (Taiwan) Chung Yuan Christian University
Jong, Chu J. (United States) Illinois State University
Jorge, Joaquim A. (Portugal) Technical University of Lisbon
Jorge Oliveira, Fátima (Portugal) University of Évora
Joseph-Horne, Tim (United Kingdom) University of Bristol
Joshi, Dheeraj (India) National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
Juang, Jih-Gau (Taiwan) National Taiwan Ocean University
Juárez Ramírez, José Reyes (Mexico) Autonomous University of Baja California
Julián, Vicente J. (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Julião, Rui Pedro (Portugal) New University of Lisbon
Julie, Hester (South Africa) University of the Western Cape
Jung, Hanmin (South Korea) Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Jung, Kyung Im (South Korea) Samsung Electronics, R. O. Korea
Jung, Namsu (South Korea) Kongju National University
Jung, Seul (South Korea) Chungnam National University
Jung, Uk (South Korea) Dongguk University
Jurič, Matjaž B. (Slovenia) University of Maribor
Jurkowski, Wojciech (Poland) University of Szczecin
Jwo, Dah-Jing (Taiwan) National Taiwan Ocean University
Kılıç, Eylem (Turkey) Middle East Technical University
Kaabouch, Naima (United States) University of North Dakota
Kabachi, Nadia (France) Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
Kablak, Nataliya (Ukraine) Uzhgorod State University
Kaboli, Mohsen (Germany) Technical University of Munich
Kachanova, Tamara L. (Russian Federation) Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI”
Kaderali, Firoz (Germany) University of Hagen
Kadoch, Michel (Canada) University of Québec
Kaewarsa, Suriya (Thailand) Rajamangala University of Technology Isan
Kago, Yoshiki (Japan) Reitaku University
Kakepoto, Hamadullah (Pakistan) University of Sindh
Kakoty, Nayan M. (India) Tezpur University
Kalganova, Tatiana (United Kingdom) Brunel University
Kalia, Harihar (India) Seemanta Engineering College
Kaliyeva, Gulbakhyt (Kazakhstan) Kazakh University of Economics
Kalluru, Rajamohan R. (United States) Mississippi State University
Kaloshin, Gennady (Russian Federation) Institute of Atmospheric Optics
Kalra, Harinder Pal Singh (India) Punjabi University
Kalyan, Veeramanju (United States) Visvesvaraya Technological University
Kalyanasundaram, Bala (United States) University of Pittsburgh
Kamble, Vaibhav (India) Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad
Kamel, Ahmed (United States) Concordia College
Kaminska, Aniela (Poland) Poznan University of Technology
Kamizono, Kohtaro (Japan) Nagasaki University
Kamrani, Ehsan (Iran) University of Lorestan
Kanawati, Rushed (France) University of Paris Nord
Kanchi, Saroja (United States) Kettering University
Kaneko, Itaru (Japan) Tohoku University, CDS
Kaneko, Itaru (Japan) Tokyo Polytechnic University
Kaneko, Yoshihiro (Japan) Gifu Univiersity
Kang, Haijun (United States) Pennsylvania State University
Kang, Jeffrey (Netherlands) Philips Research Laboratories
Kanovsky, Igor (Israel) Emek Yezreel College
Kao, Chih-Yang (Taiwan) Ming-Chuan University
Kapa, Dubravka (Canada) Concordia University
Kapczynski, Adrian (Poland) Silesian University of Technology
Kapidakis, Sarantos (Greece) Ionian University
Kapoor, G. P. (India) Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kar, Jayaprakash (Saudi Arabia) King Abdulaziz University
Karachontzitis, Sotiris (Greece) university of patras
Karahanoglu, Armagan (Turkey) Middle East Technical University
Karahoca, Adem (Turkey) Bahcesehir University
Karci, Ali (Turkey) Firat University
Kargidis, Theodoros (Greece) Technological Institute of Thessaloniki
Karigar, Chandrakant (India) Bangalore University
Karimi, Bijan (United States) University of New Haven
Karnaev, Serguei (Russian Federation) Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Karunaratne, J. A. (Sweden) Karlstad University
Karuppasamy, Subburaj (India) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Kasabov, N. (New Zealand) University of Otago
Kasapoglu, Ercin (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Kase, Wataru (Japan) Osaka Institute of Technology
Kaslik, Eva (Romania) West University of Timisoara
Kaslik, Eva (Romania) West University of Timisoara
Kässi, Tuomo (Finland) Lappeenranta University of Technology
Katsouros, Vassilis (Greece) Institute for Language and Speech Processing
Kaur, Abtar (Malaysia) Open University Malaysia
Kaur, Kiran (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Kavikumar, J. (Malaysia) University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
Kavimandan, Amogh (United States) Vanderbilt University
Kawaguchi, Masashi (Japan) National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College
Kawamura, Hidenori (Japan) Hokkaido University
Kawarazaki, Noriyuki (Japan) Kanagawa Institute of Technology
Kaya, Ahmet (Turkey) Ege University
Kazantzis, Nikolaos (United States) Texas A&M University
Kazi, Hameedullah (Pakistan) Isra University
Ke, Bwo-Ren (Taiwan) Chung Chou Institute of Technology
Kearsley, Arthur H. W. (Bill) (Australia) University of New South Wales
Keating, Charles (United States) Old Dominion University
Kehtarnavaz, Nasser (United States) University of Texas at Dallas
Keller, Alexander (United States) IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Keller, Thomas (Switzerland) Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Kemal, Muhammad Ali (Pakistan) Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
Kemih, Karim (Algeria) Jijel University
Kemmerich, Thomas (Norway) University College Gjøvik
Kemper Littman, Marlyn (United States) Nova Southeastern University
Kendrick, Mike (United States) Lipscomb University
Kenk, Mourad A. (Egypt) South Valley University
Kennedy, Paul J. (Australia) University of Technology Sydney
Kesharwani, Subodh (India) Indira Gandhi National Open University
Khademi, Aria (United States) Pennsylvania State University
Khadiv, Majid (Iran) Center of Excellence in Robotics and Control, Advanced Robotics
Khalili, Aram (United States) 21st Century Technologies
Khan, Akram (United Kingdom) Brunel University
Khanchel, Fatma (Tunisia) Salah Azaeiz Institute
Kharisov, Boris (Mexico) Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Khasawneh, Baha A. (Jordan) Princess Sumaya University for Technology
Kher, Shubhalaxmi J. (India) Arkansas State University
Khmaladze, Alexander (United States) University of South Florida
Khmelevsky, Youry (Canada) Okanagan College
Kibarer, Gunay (Turkey) Hacettepe University
Kieseberg, Peter (Austria) SBA Research
Kiguchi, Kazuo (Japan) Saga University
Kilincceker, Onur (Germany) Paderborn University
Killedar, Manoj (India) Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University
Kim, Daeki (South Korea) Korea University
Kim, Do-Hoon (South Korea) Kyung Hee University
Kim, Eung Sang (South Korea) Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
Kim, Han-Joon (South Korea) Seoul National University
Kim, Hyung Nam (United States) North Carolina A and T State University
Kim, Hyunjoong (United States) Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kim, Hyunju (United States) Wheaton College
Kim, Jae-Soo (South Korea) Seoul National University of Technology
Kim, Sung-Dong (South Korea) Hansung University
Kim, Tae Yong (South Korea) Chung-Ang University
Kim, Yong K. (South Korea) Wonkwang University
Kimachi, Akira (Japan) Department of Engineering InformaticsFaculty of Information and Communication EngineeringOsaka Elect
King, Franklin (United States) Jacksonville State University
Kinouchi, Yohsuke (Japan) University of Tokushima
Kinser, Jason (United States) George Mason University
Kinshuk, K. (New Zealand) Massey University
Kisielewicz, Tomasz (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Kitikannakorn, Nantawarn (Thailand) Naresuan University
Kitikidou, Kyriaki (Greece) Democritus University
Klapp, Jaime (Mexico) National Nuclear Research Institute
Klein, Alexander (Germany) University of Würzburg
Klein, Barbara (United States) University of Michigan-Dearborn
Klemm, Reinhard (United States) Avaya Labs Research
Klett, Fanny (Germany) German Workforce ADL Partnership Laboratory
Klimkó, Gábor (Hungary) MTA Information Technology Foundation
Klimo, Martin (Slovakia) University of Žilina
Kljenak, Ivo (Slovenia) Jozef Stefan Institute
Klopotek, Mieczyslaw Alojzy (Poland) Polish Academy of Sciences
Klosowski, Piotr (Poland) Silesian University of Technology
Ko, Al (Bouvet Island) PQP
Kobal, Damjan (Slovenia) University of Ljubljana
Kobti, Ziad (Canada) University of Windsor
Koc, Mustafa (United States) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Kocamaz, Fatih (Turkey) Inonu University
Koh, Min-Sung (United States) Eastern Washington University
Kolapalli, Pavani (United States) Villanova University
Kolev, Emil (Bulgaria) Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Koley, Santanu (India) Haldia Institute of Technology
Koleza, Eugenia (Greece) University of Ioannina
Komaee, Arash (United States) University of Maryland
Komar, Meir (Israel) Jerusalem College of Technology
Komatsu, Takanori (Japan) Shinshu University
Komosinski, Maciej (Poland) Poznan University of Technology
Kong, Hyung-Yun (South Korea) University of Ulsan
Kontiza, Kalliopi (United Kingdom) University College London
Kontorovich, Valeri Ya (Mexico) Center for Research and Advanced Studies of National Polytechnic Institute
Koo, Simon (United States) Purdue University
Kopparapu, Sunil Kumar (India) Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Kor, Ah Lian (United Kingdom) Leeds Metropolitan University
Korsakiene, Renata (Lithuania) Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Kouki, Ammar (Canada) School of High Technology
Koul, Saroj (Canada) Acadia University
Kouroupetroglou, Georgios (Greece) University of Athens
Koustoumpardis, Panagiotis (Greece) University of Patras
Koutselini, Mary (Cyprus) University of Cyprus
Kovacic, Stanislav (Slovenia) University of Ljubljana
Kovács, Jeno (Finland) University of Oulu
Koyuncugil, Ali Serhan (Turkey) Capital Markets Board of Turkey
Kozlovskis, Konstantins (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Kozma, Tamas (Hungary) University of Debrecen
Krabina, Bernhard (Austria) Centre for Public Administration Research
Krajcar, Slavko (Croatia) University of Zagreb
Krakowska, Monika (Poland) Jagiellonian University
Kramer, Gerhard (Germany) Technical University of Munich
Kranzlmueller, Dieter (Austria) Johannes Kepler University Linz
Krasnogor, Natalio (United Kingdom) University of Nottingham
Krasnogor, Natalio (United Kingdom) University of the West of England
Krcal, Jan (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Kreisler, Alain (France) University Paris 06
Krishnam, Manjunath (United States) Intellon Corporation
Krishnamachari, Bhaskar (United States) Cornell University
Krishnamurthy, Subramanian (India) Indira Gandhi National Open UniversityEX-National Informatics Center
Krishnan, Paddy (Australia) Bond University
Krolikowski, Zbyszko (Poland) Poznan University of Technology
Kromrey, Jeffrey D. (United States) University of South Florida
Kropid, Wendy (United States) University of Wisconsin Superior
Krothapalli, Sreenivasa Rao (India) Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Krottmaier, Harald (Austria) Graz University of Technology
Kroumov, Valeri (Japan) Okayama University of Science
Krovvidy, Srinivas (United States) Fannie Mae
Kucuksille, Ecir (Turkey) Suleyman Demirel University
Kuftin, Felix A. (Russian Federation) Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics
Kukielka, Leon (Poland) Koszalin University of Technology
Kulik, Sergei (Russian Federation) Moscow State University
Kulkarni, Gurudatt Anil (India) Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s Polytechnic Pune
Kulkarni, Sandeep (United States) Michigan State University
Kulshreshtha, Digvijay (India) C. K. Pithawalla College of Engineering and Technology
Kumar, Prashant (India) Shivaji University
Kumar, Vive (Canada) Athabasca University
Kumar Pandey, Sumit (India) Jharkhand Rai University
Kumari, Vijaya (United States) University of California, Davis
Kung, C. M. (Taiwan) Shih Chien University
Kung, Chih-Hsien (Taiwan) Chang-Jung Christian University
Kung, Hsiang-Jui (United States) Georgia Southern University
Kung, Hsu-Yang (Taiwan) National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Kunold, Ingo (Germany) University of Applied Sciences Dortmund
Kuo, Huang-Cheng (Taiwan) National Chiayi University
Kurdi, Mohamed Zakaria (United States) University of Delaware
Kursunluoglu, Emel (Turkey) Yasar University
Kurtulus, Kemal (Turkey) Istanbul University
Kurubacak, Gulsun (Turkey) Anadolu University
Kushida, Takayuki (Japan) Tokyo University of Technology
Kushvaha, Vinod (India) Indian Institute of Technology Jammu
Kushwaha, Ramesh (United States) University of Michigan
Kuzminskiy, Vladislav (United States) Stony Brook University
Kwak, Young Hoon (United States) George Washington University
Kwan, Andis (United States) City University of New York
Kwon, Sukjin (South Korea) Hanyang University
Kwon, Sung Yeol (South Korea) Pukyong National University
Kwon, Sung-Il (United States) Los Alamos National Laboratory
Kyridis, Argyris (Greece) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Kyrillos, Sergio Luiz (Brazil) Federal Institute of São Paulo
Kyrtsou, Catherine (Greece) University of Macedonia
La Cruz, William (Venezuela) Central University of Venezuela
Labarga, Alberto (Spain) Integromics S.L.
Lace, Natalja (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Lachowicz, Stefan (Australia) Edith Cowan University
Lai, Chih (United States) Oregon State University
Lai, Chih (United States) University of St. Thomas
Lai, Cristian (Italy) Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia
Lall Maskara, Shankar (India) Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Lalmas, Mounia (United Kingdom) Queen Mary University of London
Lalonde, Carole (Canada) University Laval
Lamirel, Jean-Charles (France) University Lorraine
Lancioni, Walter (Argentina) Catholic University of Cordoba
Lara, Soni (Spain) University of Navarra
Larabi, Mohamed-Chaker (France) University of Poitiers
Laramee, Robert S. (Austria) Swansea University
Larios-Rosillo, Víctor M. (Mexico) University of Guadalajara
Larsson, Lars (Germany) University of Hamburg
Latchman, Haniph A. (United States) University of Florida
Lau, Vincent (Hong Kong) University of Hong Kong
Laudani, Antonino (Italy) University of Roma Tre
Lauf, Adrian (United States) Vanderbilt University
Laurent, Dominique (France) François Rabelais University
Le, Tuan (United States) University of California at Los Angeles
Leclerc-Sherling, Christine (United States) International Psychologist- Trauma
Ledesma Orozco, Sergio E. (Mexico) Guanajuato University
Lee, Byoung Ho (South Korea) Seoul National University
Lee, Chang-Shing (Taiwan) National University of Tainan
Lee, Chih-Ming (Taiwan) Soochow University
Lee, Chungnan (Taiwan) National Sun Yat-Sen University
Lee, DoHoon (South Korea) Pusan National University
Lee, Hsuan-Shih (Taiwan) National Taiwan Ocean University
Lee, Jae-Suk (South Korea) Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Lee, Jang Hee (South Korea) Korea University of Technology and Education
Lee, Jang Hee (South Korea) University of Technology and Education
Lee, Jong Hyup (South Korea) Inje University
Lee, Jong Kun (South Korea) Changwon National University
Lee, Jong-Hyun (South Korea) Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction
Lee, Joo Hwan (South Korea) Seoul National University
Lee, NamKyung (South Korea) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Lee, Saro (South Korea) Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources
Lee, Shao-Lun (Taiwan) Oriental Institute of Technology
Lee, Soonoong (United States) Argonne National Laboratory
Lee, Suk Bong (South Korea) Samsung Electronics, R. O. Korea
Lee, Sung Whee (South Korea) Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Lee, Tong-Yee (Taiwan) National Cheng Kung University
Lee, Yih-Jiun (Taiwan) Chien Kuo Technology University
Lee, Yong Kyu (South Korea) Dongguk University
Lee, Young-Chan (South Korea) Dongguk University
Lee, Yusin (Taiwan) National Cheng Kung University
Lefevre, Thierry (Thailand) Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development
Leguizamón, Guillermo (Argentina) National University of San Luis
Lei, Hong (United States) Michigan State University
Leitao, Filipe (Portugal) Association for the Development of Telecommunications and Computer Techniques
Lemlouma, Tayeb (France) National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
Lemos, Rodrigo (Brazil) Federal University of Goias
Leng, Ho Keat (Singapore) Nanyang Technological University
Leone, Alessandro (Italy) Italian National Research Council
Lera López, Fernando (Spain) Spanish University for Distance Education
Letia, Tiberiu (Romania) Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Lettl, Jiri (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
Leung, Chi-Sing (Hong Kong) City University of Hong Kong
Levin, Bruce (United States) University of South Florida
Li, Chunming (United States) University of Connecticut
Li, Dayong (China) Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Li, Di (China) South-China University of Technology
Li, Guangao (China) Nankai University
Li, Hua-Fu (Taiwan) National Chiao-Tung University
Li, Jianxin (China) Beihang University
Li, Jiexing (United States) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Li, Qiang (China) Tianjin University of Technology
Li, Qing (China) Air Force Logistics Institute
Li, Stephen (United States) University of Rochester
Li, Yang (United States) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Li, Yu-Chiang (Taiwan) Southern Taiwan University
Li, Yuefeng (Australia) Queensland University of Technology
Li, Zhiheng (China) Tsinghua University
Liang, Hongwei (United States) Georgia Institute of Technology
Liang, Jie (United States) University of Illinois at Chicago
Liao, Ching-Jung (Taiwan) Chung Yuan Christian University
Liao, Chu-Hsien (Taiwan) Food Industry Research & Development Institute
Liaw, Shien-Kuei (Taiwan) National Chiao-Tung University
Lichtblau, Daniel (United States) Wolfram Research, Inc.
Light, Harriett (United States) North Dakota State University
Likar, Bostjan (Slovenia) University of Ljubljana
Lim, Hwee-San (Malaysia) Science University of Malaysia
Lim, Ik Soo (Switzerland) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Lim, Young-Il (Denmark) Technical University of Denmark
Lin, Chia-Wen (Taiwan) National Chung Cheng University
Lin, Chia-Ying (United States) University of Michigan
Lin, Chih-Feng (Taiwan) Shih Hsin University
Lin, Chih-Ting (Taiwan) National Taiwan University
Lin, Chun Yuan (Taiwan) Chang Gung University
Lin, Jiann-Horng (Taiwan) I-Shou University
Lin, Lei (United States) University at Buffalo, SUNY
Lin, Shu-Chiung (Taiwan) Tatung University
Lin, Shun-Shii (Taiwan) National Taiwan Normal University
Lin, Yuxi (United States) University at Buffalo
Linares-Barranco, Bernabé (Spain) National Microelectronics Center
Lindell, Calvin (United States) Morehead State University
Lipikorn, Rajalida (Thailand) Chulalongkorn University
Lipinski, Dariusz (Poland) Koszalin University of Technology
Lipman, Justin (Australia) University of Wollongong
Liu, Barry (United States) University of California Berkeley
Liu, Chuan-Ming (Taiwan) National Taipei University of Technology
Liu, Feng (China) Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Liu, Huey-Ing (Taiwan) Fu-Jen Catholic University
Liu, Jialin (United States) Texas Tech University
Liu, Jigang (United States) Metropolitan State University
Liu, Jun (United Kingdom) University of Ulster
Liu, Jun (China) Fudan University
Liu, Shaohui (China) Harbin Institute of Technology
Liu, Shih-Chi (Taiwan) Tatung University
Liu, Tingyang Lewis (Taiwan) National Kaohsiung Normal University
Liu, Xiaoyan (United States) University of La Verne
Liu, Xuan (United States) IBM Watson Research Center
Liu, Yan (Singapore) National University of Singapore
Liu, Yanheng (China) Jilin University
Liu, Yunkai (United States) University of South Dakota
Liu, Zhenping (United States) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Liu, Zhi-Feng (Eric) (Taiwan) National Central University
Liverani, Alfredo (Italy) University of Bologna
Lizano-Dimare, Maria (United States) Sacred Heart University
Llanos Ferraris, Diego R. (Spain) University of Valladolid
Lloret Mauri, Jaime (Spain) Polytechnic University of Valencia
Lo, Chi Chun (Taiwan) National Chiao Tung University
Lodhi, M. A. K. (United States) Texas Tech University
Loftis, Charles (United States) RTI International
Lokaj, Zdenek (Czech Republic) Czech Technical University in Prague
London, Barry (United States) University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lontos, Antonio (Cyprus) Frederick University
Lopes, Arminda (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco
Lopes, Sérgio I. (Portugal) Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo
López Román, Leobardo (Mexico) University of Sonora
Lopez Torres, Ana María (Spain) University of Zaragoza
López Zafra, Juan Manuel (Spain) Complutense University of Madrid
Lopisteguy, Philippe (France) University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour
Lorenz, Annika (Belgium) Hasselt University
Lorenz, Pascal (France) University of Haute Alsace
Lorenzo, Carla (Argentina) National University of San Juan
Lou, Shi Jer (Taiwan) National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Loubna, Echabbi (France) University of Versailles in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Loukas, Nikos (Greece) University of Athens
Lovins, Linda (United States) Florida Alliance for Arts Education
Lowe, Andrea (United States) A & E Enterprise Management
Lowes, Susan (United States) Columbia University
Lozano-Tello, Adolfo (Spain) University of Extremadura
Lu, Yao (China) Beijing Institute of Technology
Lu, Yi-Yu (Taiwan) Far East University
Lu, Yizhou (China) Peking University
Luh, Guan Chun (Taiwan) Tatung University
Lui, Wen Lik Dennis (Malaysia) Monash University
Lun, P. K. (Daniel) (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Luna Rodríguez, Juan Jesús (Spain) Cordoba University
Luo, Wenbin (United States) St. Mary's University
Luo, Xiaochuan (United States) ISO New England Inc.
Luo, Yingwei (China) Peking University
Lupion Torres, Patricia (Brazil) Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná
Luqman, Chuah A. (Malaysia) University Putra Malaysia
Lursinsap, Chidchanok (Thailand) Chulalongkorn University
Lygo-Baker, Simon (United Kingdom) King's College London
Lykasov, Gennadi (Russian Federation) Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Lyudmila, Mihaylova (United Kingdom) Lancaster University
Ma, Cherng-Min (Taiwan) Mingchi University of Technology
Ma, Lijun (United States) National Institute of Standards and Technology
Maaruf, Ali (United Kingdom) Oxford Brookes University
Macianskiene, Nemira (Lithuania) Vytautas Magnus University
Madhan M., Ganesh (India) Anna University
Magaña Lizarrondo, Eduardo (Spain) Public University of Navarre
Maggiore, Giulio (Italy) Telecom Italia Mobile
Magnani, Lorenzo (Italy) University of Pavia
Mahanti, Prabhat (Canada) University of New Brunswick
Maharaj, Manoj (South Africa) University of KwaZulu-Natal
Mahlia, T. M. Indra (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Mahmoud, Moamin (Malaysia) Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Mahmudy, Wayan Firdaus (Indonesia) University of Brawijaya
Mai, Yun (United States) RTI International
Mainguenaud, Michel (France) Institut National des Sciences Appliquées
Maitra, Ritobroto (India) Institute of Technology Patna
Majkut, Leszek (Poland) AGH University of Science and Technology
Makhachashvili, Rusudan (Ukraine) Borys Gtirnchenko Kyiv University
Makkapati, Vishnu (India) Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab.
Maksimov, Vyacheslav I. (Russian Federation) Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics Ural Branch
Malan, Danie (South Africa) University of Pretoria
Maleki, Soheila (United States) United States Department of Agriculture
Malik, Abid (Canada) University of Waterloo
Malollari, Ilirjan (Albania) University of Tirana
Malowidzki, Marek (Poland) Military Communication Institute
Maluk, Mohamed (India) Anna University Tiruchirappalli
Mamlook, Rustom (Jordan) Middle East University
Mandal, Pratap Chandra (India) Indian Institute of Management Shillong
Mandic, Danilo (United Kingdom) Imperial College London
Mane, Vijay (India) Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
Manetti, Vittorio (Italy) University of Naples Federico II
Manivannan, D. (United States) University of Kentucky
Mannoni, Bruno (France) Head of the in the Computing Department of the Culture Ministry in Paris
Mansano, Ronaldo Domingues (Brazil) University of Sao Paulo
Mansour, Samah (United States) Grand Valley State University
Manzan, Renato (Brazil) Universidade de São Paulo
Mao, Xiao-Bing (China) Wuhan University of Technology
Marappan, Raja (India) SASTRA University
Marazzi, Lucia (Italy) Policom, Electronic and Information Department, Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Politecnico di
Marble, Andrew (Canada) Carleton University
Marble, Andrew (Canada) University of New Brunswick
Marcinkevi, Virginijus (Lithuania) Vilnius University
Marconi, Lorenzo (Italy) University of Bologna
Mardani, Soheil (Iran) Simaron Pardaz Co.
Margalef, Tomàs (Spain) Autonomous University of Barcelona
Marino, Mark (United States) Erie Community College
Marinova, Rossitza (Canada) Concordia University of Edmonton
Marlewski, Adam (Poland) Poznan University of Technology
Marlowe, Thomas J. (United States) Seton Hall University
Márquez-Berber, S. R. (Mexico) Chapingo Autonomous University
Marra, Cirley Barbosa (Brazil) Universidade Federal do Sul da Bahia
Marshall, Adele (United Kingdom) University of Ulster
Marshall, Susanne (United States) Nova Southeastern University
Martín, Toni (Spain) University of Sevilla
Martín Navarro, Antonio (Spain) University of Seville
Martín Núñez, Jose Luis (Spain) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Martínez, Liliana Inés (Argentina) National University of Central Buenos Aires
Martínez, Rutilio (United States) University of Northern Colorado
Martínez, Sergio (United States) Florida International University
Martinez Fandiño, Antonio (Brazil) Estácio de Sá University
Martínez-Morales, Amadís (Venezuela) University of Carabobo
Martín-Fernández, Marcos (Spain) Image Processing Lab.Dpt. Signal Theory and CommunicationsValladolid University
Martín-Martín, Pilar (Spain) University of Alcala
Martinovic, Goran (Croatia) Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Martins, Constantino (Portugal) Polytechnic of Porto
Maruani, Alain (France) Telecom ParisTech
Marx Gómez, Jorge (Germany) University Oldenburg
Mascari, Jean-François (Italy) Italian National Research Council
Mashao, Daniel (South Africa) University of Johannesburg
Mashhadizadeh, Mohammad Hossein (Iran) Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
Masini, Barbara (Italy) University of Bologna
Masotti, Andrea (Italy) Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital
Masoumi, Nasser (Iran) University of Tehran
Maspons Bosch, Ramón (Spain) IALE Tecnología
Massa, Néstor Emilio (Argentina) National University of La Plata
Mastacan, Lucian (Romania) “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi
Masum, Salahuddin Mohammad (Bangladesh) Daffodil International University
Mateen, Ahmed (Pakistan) University of Agriculture Faisalabad
Matsumoto, Kazunori (Japan) KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.
Matsumoto, Kazunori (Japan) KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.
Matsumoto, Osamu (Japan) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Matsumoto, Takeshi (Japan) Kawasaki Medical School
Mattai, P. Rudy (United States) SUNY - College at Buffalo
Mattedi, Adriana P. (Brazil) Itajubá Federal University
Matvejevs, Aleksandrs (Latvia) Riga Technical University
Mauri, Marco (Italy) Polytechnic of Milan
Mayer, Bernd (Austria) Emergentec Biodevelopment GmbH
Mbobi, Aime Mokhoo (Canada) Centennial College
McCall, Scott (United States) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
McCarthy, Richard (United States) Central Connecticut State University
McConnell, Rodney (United States) University of Idaho
McCracken, Dennis B. (United States) World Builders Co.
McGee, Patricia (United States) University of Texas at San Antonio
McHugh, Patrick (United States) Bentley University
Mclaughlin, Jack (United States) Community College of Baltimore County
McMahon, Ellen (United States) National-Louis University, College of Management and BusinessRetired
McShane, Megan (United States) Florida Gulf Coast University
Meacham, Martha (United States) Austin Community College
Meachem, Lester (United Kingdom) University of Wolverhampton
Medrano-Marques, Nicolás (Spain) University of Zaragoza
Meerja, Akhil Jabbar (India) Vardhaman College of Engineering
Meglicki, Zdzislaw (United States) Indiana University
Meglinski, Igor (United Kingdom) Cranfield University
Mehata, K. M. (India) Anna University
Meimand, Amir (United States) Pennsylvania State University
Meixedo, João (Portugal) University of Porto
Melara, Gloria (United States) California State University Northridge
Melas, Viatcheslav B. (Russian Federation) St. Petersburg State University
Mele, Ida (Italy) IASI-CNR
Meletiou, Gerasimos C. (Greece) Τechnological Educational Institute of Epirus
Melgani, Farid (Italy) University of Trento
Melioli, Riccardo (Italy) University of Genoa
Mellouli, Sehl (Canada) Laval University
Memon, Imran (China) Zhejiang University
Memon, Qurban (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates University
Mendes Pacheco, Gefeson (Brazil) Technological Institute of Aeronautics
Mendez-Garabetti, Miguel (Argentina) Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Mendoza-Hannan, Juana (United States) New Mexico State University
Menezes, Helena (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco
Menozzi, Marino (Switzerland) Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Menychtas, Andreas (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Meressi, Tesfay (United States) University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Merten, Pascaline (Belgium) Free University of Brussels
Mertsching, Baerbel (Germany) University of Hamburg
Mertsching, Baerbel M. C. (Germany) University of Paderborn
Mestre, Pedro (Portugal) University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro
Mestrovic, Mladen (Croatia) University of Zagreb
Metrolho, Jose (Portugal) Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco
Meyer, Yann (France) IRTES-M3M, UTBM
Michael, Katina (Australia) University of Wollongong
Michaelides, Panagiotis G. (Greece) University of Crete
Michailidis, George (United States) University of Michigan
Michelini, Marisa (Italy) University of Udine
Mickael, Camus (France) Laboratory for Research in Applied Computer Sciences
Midraj, Sadiq (United Arab Emirates) Zayed University
Miecznikowski, Krzysztof (Poland) University of Warsaw
Migliarese, Piero (Italy) University of Calabria
Miguens, Joana (Portugal) University of Aveiro
Mihai, Dan (Romania) University of Craiova
Mihir, Fnu (United States) Southeastern Louisiana University
Mikhail, Mike (Egypt) American University Cairo
Milani, Mattia (Italy) Intercom R. R. L.
Milanova, Mariofanna (United States) University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Milcic, Diana (Croatia) University of Zagreb
Mili, Ali (United States) West Virginia University
Milic, Ljiljana (Serbia) Mihailo Pupin Institute
Miller, Alice (United Kingdom) University of Glasgow
Miller, Kristina (United States) University of South Alabama
Milojevic, Dragomir (Belgium) Free University of Brussels
Min, Jianyuan (United States) Google
Ming, Bao (China) Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ming, Ouhyoung (Taiwan) National Taiwan University
Mingers, John (United Kingdom) Warwick University
Mir, Jamal Uddin (Pakistan) Abbottabad University of Science and Technology
Miripour Fard, Behnam (Iran) Hamedan university of Technology
Mishra, Deepak (India) Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
Mishra, Sanjaya (India) Indira Gandhi National Open University
Misurec, Jiri (Czech Republic) Brno Univerzity of Technology
Mitra, Ananda (United States) Wake Forest University
Mitra, Pinaki (India) Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Miyamoto, Ryusuke (Japan) Meiji University
Miyazaki, Jun (Japan) OrangeTechLab Inc.
Mladenov, Valeri (Bulgaria) Technical University of Sofia
Moch, Peggy L. (United States) Valdosta State University
Mochizuki, Yoshiyuki (Japan) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mock, Adam (United States) Central Michigan University
Moghadam, Hamid Abrishami (Iran) K. N. Toosi University of Technology
Mohamed, Ahmed A. (United States) University of Connecticut
Mohamed-mohand, Laila (Spain) University of Granada
Mohammadi, Hossein (Iran) Islamic Azad University of Zanjan al,o Uniersity of Tehran
Mohammadi, Javad (Iran) Carnegie Mellon University
Mohammadzadeh, Ali (Iran) K.N.Toosi University of Technology
Mohan, Seshadri (United States) University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Mohanty, Somya (United States) University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Mohd Basri, Mohd Ariffanan (Malaysia) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Mohd Noor, Norliza (Malaysia) Technology University of Malaysia
Mohoric, Tomaz (Slovenia) University of Ljubljana
Mohsen, Ghribi (Canada) University of Moncton
Mokos, Evagelos (Greece) University of the Aegean
Molnar, Joseph (United States) Naval Research Laboratory
Molnár, Bálint (Hungary) Corvinus University of Budapest
Momodu, Kingsley Oise (Nigeria) University of Benin
Monteil, Thierry (France) Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems
Montesanto, Anna (Italy) Polytechnic University of Marche
Monti, Marina (Italy) National Research Council
Montisci, Augusto (Italy) University of Cagliari
Moon, Yong-Ho (South Korea) Gyeongsang National University
Moosavian, Ali A. (Iran) K. N. Toosi University of Technology
Morais, A. Jorge (Portugal) Portuguese Open University
Morato, Jorge (Spain) University Carlos III of Madrid
Moreau, Alban (France) University of Brest
Morel, Jean-Yves (France) University of Angers
Moreno, María N. (Spain) University of Salamanca
Moret Bonillo, Vicente (Spain) University of a Coruña
Moretti, Stefano (Italy) National Research Council
Morgado, Lina (Portugal) University of Aberta
Morgan, Theresa (United States) Wudang Research Association
Morignot, Philippe (France) Pacte Novation
Morini, Mirko (Italy) University of Parma
Morón Martín, Daniel (Spain) University of Alicante
Moroni, Andrea (Italy) Municipality of Segrate
Morrison, Malcolm (United States) University of Alabama in Huntsville
Morshed, Ahmed (Egypt) Ain Shams University
Moscoso, Miguel Ángel (Spain) University Carlos III of Madrid
Mostafavi, Taghi (United States) University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Moulavi, Mohammad Amir (Iran) Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Moustakis, Vassilis (Greece) Technical University of Crete
Movaghar, Ali (Iran) Sharif University of Technology
Mow, Wai Ho (Hong Kong) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Mróz-Gorgoń, Barbara (Poland) Wroclaw University of Economics
Mu, Cuiying (New Zealand) Massey University
Mueen, Ahmed (Malaysia) Multimedia University
Muhanna, Muhanna A. (United States) University of Nevada
Mulhem, Philippe (Singapore) Image Processing and Applications Laboratory
Mullet, Kathy K. (United States) Oregon State University
Mullins, Michael (Denmark) Aalborg University
Mundra, Ankit (India) Central University of Rajasthan
Muñoz Barrutia, Mª Arrate (Spain) University of Navarra
Muñoz Ortega, Andrés (Spain) University of Murcia
Muppala, Jogesh K. (Hong Kong) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Muraleedharan, Rajani (United States) Syracuse University
Muraszkiewicz, Mieczyslaw (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Murata, Tadahiko (Japan) Kansai University
Muravnik, Andrey (Russian Federation) Moscow State Aviation Institute
Murugesan, Karuppasamy (India) Atilin University
Musto, Daniela (Italy) Italian National Research Council
Mutisya, P. Masila (United States) North Carolina Central University
Myers, Paul (United States) Trinity University
Mylonas, Phivos (Greece) Ionian University
Mylonas, Socrates A. (Cyprus) Intercollege, Cyprus
Naal, Mouhamad Ayman (Syrian Arab Republic) University of Aleppo
Nadeem, Aamer (Pakistan) Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
Nag, Abhijit (United States) The University of Memphis
Nagabhushan, P. (India) University of Mysore
Nagai, Yasuo (Japan) Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Nagaiah, Narasimha (United States) University of Central Florida
Nagy, Endre L. (Japan) Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Nahmens, Isabelina (United States) University of Central Florida
Naik, Bighnaraj (India) Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology
Nail, Allan (United States) University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Naillon, Martina (France) Co-Decision Technology
Nair, Sukumaran (United States) Southern Methodist University
Nair, V. S. Sukumaran (United States) Southern Methodist University
Naït-Abdesselam, Farid (France) University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille
Najafi, Bijan (Switzerland) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne
Najafizadeh, Abbas (Iran) Isfahan University of Technology
Najarian, Kayvan (United States) University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Nakache, Didier (France) CEDRIC Laboratory
Nakkeeran, Rangaswamy (India) Pondicherry University
Nam, Seong Hyujn (United States) University of North Dakota
Nanayakkara, Nuwan (Sri Lanka) University of Moratuwa
Nancovska Serbec, Irena (Slovenia) University of Ljubljana
Nand, Parma (New Zealand) Auckland University of Technology
Nanopoulos, Alexandros (Greece) Aristotle University
Napoléon, Thibault (France) ISEN
Narasimhan, Lakshmi (United States) University of Newcastle
Narimani, Hamed (Iran) Isfahan University of Technology
Nassar, Sayed (United States) Lawrence Technological University
Natarjan, Anand (United States) Syracuse University
Naumann, Ralf (Germany) University of Düsseldorf
Naumov, Velko (Bulgaria) Technical University Varna
Navas Delgado, Ismael (Spain) University of Malaga
Naviner, Lirida (France) Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications
Nawawi, Sophan. W. (Malaysia) University Technology of Malaysia
Nawrat, Aleksander (Poland) Silesian University of Technology
Nayak, Richi (Australia) Queensland University of Technology
Nayyar, Anand (India) KCL Institute of Management and Technology
Naziha, Ahmad Azli (Malaysia) University Technology of Malaysia
Neaga, Elena Irina (United Kingdom) University of Wales Trinity st David
Neelakantaswamy, Perambur (United States) Florida Atlantic University
Negrescu, Cristian (Romania) Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Neipp, Cristian (Spain) University of Alicante
Nejat, Goldie (United States) State University of New York at Stony Brook
Nejeoui, Abderrazzak (Morocco) University Cadi Ayyad
Nelson, Jill (United States) George Mason University
Nemec, Juraj (Slovakia) Matej Bel University
Nemeth, Charles P. (United States) California University of Pennsylvania
Netisopakul, Ponrudee (Thailand) King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Neubert, Marden S. (Brazil) Federal University of Minas Gerais
Neves, António J. R. (Portugal) Aveiro University
Newbold, Susan (United States) Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
Newsome, Mark (United States) Hewlett-Packard Company
Nezafat, Reza (United States) Harvard Medical School
Ng, Hui-Fuang (Taiwan) Asia University
Ngabonziza, Yves (United States) The City University of New York
Ngounou Ngatcha, Benjamin (Cameroon) University of Ngaoundéré
Nguyen, Hai Long (United States) Nanyang Technological University
Nguyen, Hung (Australia) University of Technology Sydney
Nguyen, Mai (United States) RTI International
Nguyen, Patricia (United States) RTI International
Nguyen-Van, Triet (Japan) University of Tsukuba
Ni, Hongzhen (China) China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Nickerson, Matt (United States) Southern Utah University
Nicolas, Heraud (France) University of Corsica
Nicolle, Christophe (France) University of Burgundy
Niculescu, Virginia (Romania) Babes-Bolyai University
Niegemann, Helmut M. (Germany) University of Erfurt
Nieniewski, Mariusz (Poland) University of Lodz
Nieuwenhuis, Lambert (Netherlands) University of Twente
Nievola, Julio Cesar (Brazil) Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná
Nikolaidou, Mara (Greece) Harokopio University of Athens
Nikolarea, Ekaterini (Greece) University of the Aegean
Nikolopoulos, Dimitrios S. (United States) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ning, Hai (United States) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nishi, Hiroaki (Japan) Keio University
Nishigaki, Yasuyuki (Japan) Ryukoku University
Nishikawa, Kenjiro (Japan) NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
Nishizawa, Norihiko (Japan) Nagoya University
Nogueira, Rogério N. (Portugal) University of Aveiro
Noh, Bong Nam (South Korea) Chonnam National University
Norhayati, Zakaria (Malaysia) University Utara Malaysia
Normore, Anthony (United States) Florida International University
Noura Teixeira, Otavio (Brazil) Federal University of Para
Nouri, Houssem Eddine (Tunisia) SOIE-COSMOS, École Nationale des Sciences de l'Informatique, Université de la Manouba
Novikov, Oleg (Russian Federation) Tomko
Ntoutsi, Irene (Greece) University of Piraeus
Nugraheni, Cecilia E. (Indonesia) Parahyangan Catholic University
Nugroho, Heru (Indonesia) Telkom University
Nunes da Silva, Ivan (Brazil) Estadual Paulista University
Nwosu, Kingsley (United States) Saint Leo University
Nyamapfene, Abel (United Kingdom) Exeter University
Nycz, Malgorzata (Poland) Wroclaw University of Economics
Nyeem, Hussain (Bangladesh) Khulna University of Engineering
Oancea, Victor (United States) Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp.
Obaid, Tariq (Morocco) Superior Institutions of Science and Technology
Obelleiro, Fernando (Spain) University of Vigo
Oberer, Birgit J. (Austria) University of Klagenfurt
Obiomon, Pamela H. (United States) Prairie View A&M University
Obrebski, Jan B. (Poland) Warsaw University of Technology
Occelli, Sylvie (Italy) Economic Social Research Institute of Piemonte
Ochiya, Takahiro (Japan) National Cancer Center Research Institute
Ochoa, Alberto (Mexico) Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez
Odavic, Milijana (United Kingdom) The University of Nottingham
Odella, Francesca (Italy) University of Trento
Odhiambo, Marcel O. (South Africa) Vaal University of Technology
Offei, Martin Otu (Ghana) Koforidua Technical University
Oganisjana, Karine (Latvia) University of Latvia
Oguztuzun, Halit (Turkey) Middle East Technical University
Oh, Joon-Yeoul (United States) Texas A&M University
Ohara, Shigeyuki (Japan) Tokai University
Ohta, Toshizumi (Japan) University of Electro-Communications
Ohya, Akihisa (Japan) University of Tsukuba
Ojanlatva, Ansa (Finland) University of Turku
Ojha, Aparajita (India) Indian Institute of Information Technology
Okamoto, Hiroshi (Japan) Hirosaki University
Oladipo, Francisca (Nigeria) Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Olatokun, Wole Michael (Botswana) University of Botswana
Oliveira, Ana Inês (Portugal) Nova University of Lisbon
Oliveira, Tiago (Portugal) University of Minho
Olla, Phillip (United States) Madonna University
Olsher, Gila (Israel) Institute for Curriculum Planning and Teacher Training
Olson, Patrick C. (United States) National University
Omar, Farag Khalifa (United Arab Emirates) United Arab Emirates University
Omekwu, Charles O. (Nigeria) University of Lagos Campus
Omelchenko, Alexander (Russian Federation) Institute on Laser and Information Technologies of Russian Academy of Sciences
Ong, Jan Marwin (Philippines) De La Salle University - Manila
Onyimonyi, Anselm (Nigeria) University of Nigeria
Ooi, Yat Ming (Australia) The University of Auckland
Opara, Linus U. (Oman) Sultan Qaboos University
Ortega, Marcos (Spain) University of A Coruña
Ortega Ramírez, Juan Antonio (Spain) University of Seville
Orth, Wolfgang (Germany) Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology
Ortiz, Andrés (Spain) University of Malaga
Ortiz Sosa, Lourdes Maritza (Venezuela) Andres Bello Catholic University
O'Shaughnessy, Douglas (Canada) Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
Osman, Ziad (Lebanon) Beirut Arab University
Ostergaard, Soren Duus (Denmark) IBM Europe
O'Sullivan, Jill (United States) Farmingdale State College
Osunade, Seyitan (Nigeria) University of Ibadan
Oszust, Mariusz (Poland) Rzeszow University of Technology
Otto, Tauno (Estonia) Tallinn University of Technology
Ouchi, Shigeto (Japan) Tokai University
Ovchinnikov, Michael (Russian Federation) Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
Overmeyer, Ludger (Germany) Institute of Transport and Automation Technology
Ow, Siew Hock (Malaysia) University of Malaya
Oya, Hidetoshi (Japan) Shonan Institute of Technology
Ozad, Ulvan (Cyprus) Near East UniversityUniversity of Oxford
Ozawa, Seiichi (Japan) Kobe University
P.S., Abdul Lateef Haroon (India) Ballari Institute of Technology and Management
Paiva, Teresa (Portugal) Guarda Polytechnic Institute
Pakstas, Algirdas (United Kingdom) University of Sunderland
Pal, Bijay Baran (India) University of Kalyani
Pal, Tandra (India) National Institute of Technology Durgapur
Pal, Umapada (India) Indian Statistical Institute
Pan, Pengkai (United States) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Panagiotes, Anastasiades (Greece) University of Crete
Pandey, Santosh K. (India) Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Panichi, Luisa (Italy) University of Pisa
Panke, Stefanie (Germany) Knowledge Media Research Center
Panousopoulou, Athanasia (Greece) University of Patras
Pantelelis, Nikos G. (Greece) National Technical University of Athens
Pantelous, Athanasios (United Kingdom) City University London
Papadimitratos, Alexios (United States) Nanotech Institute University of Texas at Dallas
Papadourakis, George (Greece) Technological Educational Institute of Crete
Papalaskari, Mary-Angela (United States) Villanova University
Papargeris, Stella (Greece) University of Macedonia
Paranina, Alina (Russian Federation) Herzen State Pedagogical University
Paraskevas, Michael (Greece) Patras University
Paré, Dwayne E. (Canada) University of Toronto Scarborough
Parfenova, Elena (Russian Federation) Kazan National Research Technical University
Park, Cheol Hoon (South Korea) Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Park, SangHyun (South Korea) Samsung Electronics Co.
Park, Se Hyun (South Korea) Chung-Ang University
Park, Seongmo (South Korea) Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute